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This is just an old ghast from Bones 1 that I have finally gotten around to. I used him as a paint scheme tester for his brothers from Bones 2, which I'll be converting and painting shortly.


I like how he looks overall, but I kinda think his skin tone is a little off; I think he looks too 'alive'. What do you think?


Blood and gore were done with a hair, superglue, Tamiya clear red, and Tamiya smoke. I'll go into the process in detail if anyone's interested.


C&C welcome.











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Really love the effect of his blood coming out of his mouth like that. It looks disgusting. Which means, it looks realistic and amazing. Maybe he looks too alive because he is more reddish than blue-ish in undertones? But I haven't tackled any of these guys yet so I'm not sure. His skin looks appropriately mottled and diseased.

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Ok, first of all...EEEWWWW!!!!! Second of all, bloody brilliant! (pun totally intended!) Now, as for his flesh tone and him looking too "alive", I think I would use the term "fresh". Oh, one last thing...EEEEWWWW!!!!!

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