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slaves, err minions, I mean children!


Seriously though, handing a paint pot to one of my kids to shake has two advantages over much more mechanical methods, one, cheapest possible solution*, two, they tend to avoid the area more giving you peace and quiet.

Over three years old is recommended however, they still tend to put stuff in their mouths.


*this is assuming you have offspring. Do not simply have offspring for this purpose, it's simply not cost effective unless you've already arranged for offspring for other reasons.

Sadly, they eventually grow up to become teenagers.


By then, you give them a bottle and the paint will find a way to settle *faster*.



Back to the original paint shaking thread. My homemade solution was a back massager to which I bolted a small clamp. Sadly, I didn't have the tools to drill a second hole in the clamp and bolt it to the second hole. And since one of the bolts broke in the second socket, I can't use the second hole even if I wanted too. So in my case, it's just a matter of time until I break my creation. Though it still works as a back massager.

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I went with a cheap (ish) Nail Laquer Shaker - cost $100, only shakes one at a time unless you hack it a bit, but it's a solid peice of kit that's been agitating my paints for a couple of years now and done sterling work.

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Look at you guys, with your fancy tools...me, I'm still using an organic myomer system.  Not very fast, needs recharging pretty regularly, but hey, I can't really argue with free.

If it's to shake the occasional bottle before I use it, that's what I also do.


But if my paints haven't been used in weeks (even months), vigorously manually shaking one hundred bottles is not as appealing. My carpal tunnel tendons hate me just writing about it.

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I tried exactly this a long time ago. It was a total failure. As others have said, rock tumblers simply don't spin the bottles fast enough to agitate them. Seriously, I was putting at least 5 paint containers in and letting it run overnight. Useless.

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