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Attack of the Insect Woman! WIP

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Another project I'm going to slowly nibble away at, when I'm in the mood.


Due to her bare boobies, most of the piccys on this one will have to be linked off-site, but it should still make for an interesting WIP.




So far she's been assembled and I'm waiting for a bit of green stuff work to dry.

Super impressed by the casting, virtually no moldlines, only one bubble and most pieces fitting together seamlessly (there were minor gaps on her human arms), it's my new benchmark for what a good resin mini should be like.


Next job will be to get her primed and then start on her skin (without using my Fleshshade Wash, the horror!).

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That's a "disturbing" mini...


Curious to see how you will paint this.

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Made a start on her skin today:-




It took 8 coats of the 1:1 Vallejo Rosy Skin/Vallejo Flat Flesh base mix before I got a solid layer, so I didn't get any further (I was all painted out), but I did get her fancy base undercoated:-




Should look pretty nice when it's all finished. 

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That's a "disturbing" mini...


Curious to see how you will paint this.

I agree.

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Couldn't wrap my head around doing her skin without Fleshshade Wash (I'm just way too reliant on the stuff now), so despite it not really working on large areas, she got a coat of it.


Then I built it up with highlights of 1:1 Vallejo Rosy Skin/Vallejo Flat Flesh, 1:1:2 Rosy Skin/Flat Flesh/Vallejo Light Flesh and pure Light Flesh. This looked terrible.


So I made a glaze of my base Rosy Skin/Flat Flesh mix, this also looked terrible (I think I didn't thin my glaze enough, I only used a 1:2 paint/Glaze Medium ratio).


Next she got Old West Rose nipples and lips, these areas plus her armpits, under her breasts and anywhere skin met something else got some Fleshshade Wash, and then everything got a coat of thinned Fleshshade Wash, this didn't look that bad.


It still looks pretty rough, but comparing it to the mess I normally make of the skin on large minis, I'm quite pleased with myself. I might glaze some pure Rosy Flesh on to her cheeks (if I can get it thin enough), but otherwise I'm calling her skin done and moving on to her hair.

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Her skin looks really good and natural. I like it.


Thanks. Due to the glossiness from her being a bit wet at the time and some sympathetic lighting, she looks better in the picture than she does in hand, but I'm still happy.

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Woot! More progress:-






Hair is done, Oiled Leather > Palomino Gold > 1:2 Palomino Gold/Vallejo Bonewhite > Sepia Shade Wash.

Probably could have done with another step between the Oiled Leather and Palomino Gold ones, to make it look more realistic, but I'm still pleased with how this is going at the moment.


Next job will be to finish the head. So that's her antennae, cloth bits (blindfold, throat and arm bandages) and jewellery (earrings and bangle).

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Little bit more progress:-






Did her antenna in Vallejo Hexed Lichen with a drybrush of Vallejo Warlord Purple.

Cloth bits were Fresh Blood with a Brown Wash, then I reapplied the Fresh Blood. Her jewellery was the same but using Vallejo Hammered Copper.


Did want to do more highlights to both the cloth and the jewellery, but my hands just weren't up to it today, maybe next time.

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Thanks guys!


Did a bit more today (straps and forearm wraps), but the piccys were so bad I'm not even going to put them up, and now she's wet and shiny with varnish, so further piccys will have to wait until I complete the next bits (caged fairy and dismembered fairy).

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