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Attack of the Insect Woman! WIP

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Still can't get a good look at those arm wraps though.

Any ways, the straps and wraps were Lonestar Leather > Brown Shade Wash > Lonestar Leather > 1:2 Lonestar Leather/Palomino Gold, and the wraps have a little fur trim (1:1 Vallejo Cold Stone Grey/Vallejo Wolf Grey > Wolf Grey > Grey Shade Wash).

Started on the fairies, did the skin on both (1:1 Vallejo Flat Flesh/Vallejo Light Flesh > Flesh Shade Wash > 1:1 Flat Flesh/Light Flesh > Light Flesh) and the wings (Wolf Grey with Vallejo Off-white glazed towards the wingtips).

Finished off dismembered fairy with Vallejo Warlord Purple guts and Vallejo Fluo Green hair. I'll do blood on her later, haven't used my blood effect paint before so I want to test it first.

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My Vallejo Fresh Blood paint, rather disappointingly, turned out to be (rather gloopy) ordinary red paint. Tried thinning it down to a glaze, but it didn't look right.

I had little interest in learning how to do blood effects properly (I'm not much of a fan of blood on minis, I think it looks naff most of the time), so I just splodged on some Crimson Shade Wash and called it a day.


Finished off Caged Fairy. Her robe is Vallejo Turquoise with 1:1 Turquoise/Off-white highlights with a Blue Shade Wash, her hair is 1:1 Warlord Purple/Off-white and her cage is Vallejo Oily Steel with a black wash (when the wash dries I'll see if it need highlights).


Also made a start on whatever that is on her back basing it with Oiled Leather.

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Been meaning to do an update for the last couple of days, kept forgetting:-






Finished her thingamajig. Went with Vallejo Bronze, then a Brown Shade wash, then drybrushes of Bronze and 1:1 Bronze/Vallejo Polished Gold, then a sort of wet drybrush of Vallejo Verdigris and finally a stippling of Bronze.

With the little windows, the bottom four are Vallejo Red Orange with a layer of 1:1 Red Orange/Vallejo Sun Yellow, then middle four are Sun Yellow with a layer of 1:1 Sun Yellow/Off-white and the top two are pure Off-white. Not 100% convinced it really conveys the glow effect I was going for but I made such a mess painting those little squares I don't really want to fiddle with them.


She has actually progressed a bit more after these piccys were taken, and now has a basecoat of Vallejo Stormy Blue on her dress.


Edit:- Almost forgot, I managed to drop her on her head and broke one of her antenna, is the repair job noticeable?

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Moar progress:-










Dress is done! And, of course, the highlights don't show up in the piccys  :down: 

From the Stormy Blue base, I shaded down with 1:1 Stormy Blue/Pure Black and then highlighted up with 1:1 and 1:2 Stormy Blue/Vallejo Andrea Blue, then gave it a wash of Blue Shade to tie it altogether.

Next up, insect legs.

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Thanks you two!



Gotta stop saying I'm going to paint something by a certain time, it's like a signal for life stuff to pop up and get in the way. I did, finally, finish the legs today:-




The hairy bits are Hexed Lichen with Warlord Purple highlights and some Purple Shade Wash in the deep recesses.


Not much more left to do.

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Finished! Woohoo!




Some Carnage Red ribbons, Lonestar Leather straps, Brassy Brass decorations and Oily Steel lanterns.


With the Insect Woman finished, I can start on her fancy base:-




So far I've basecoated all the tiles with either Vallejo Cold Grey, 1:1 Cold Grey/Stormy Blue or Vallejo Hammered Copper and given it all a heavy Black Shade Wash.

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Almost finished:-




Painted the leaves with three different greens Vallejo Olive Green, Vallejo Medium Olive, Vallejo Sick Green (unfortunately once it dries there isn't much difference between the two Olives).


The broken statues and pillars were basecoated with a 1:1 Oiled Leather/Bonewhite mix, then given a heavy Bonewhite drybrush and then a very thin wash of Sepia tone.


Now I just need to paint the rim black and get my Insect Woman attached and I'm all done, so I'll see you next in Show-off.

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