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Female Vampire by Glitterwolf Not-Vampirella Ironwind


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A litte surprise attack ( No WIP). A quick job , I painted her in 2 hours to try some stuff out.


She's from Ironwind Metals ( Ral Partha) and she is a lookalike of Vampirella, only a "bit" more "developed".


She might not be nude but she wears so little I decided to link the Pics ..because well she might as well be naked.


I had fun painting her and I tried a marble green base, not sure if this worked out, but practice practice...right?


Paints involved..The Reaper Vampire Skin Triad..Scale 75 Antares Red, Inktense Red, Chestnut Ink , Elven Gold, Decay Black and Deep Blue.

                           Vallejo Dark Forest Green , Reaper Olive Green Triad.


*** Ooohh I like my new outfit...Thx Wolfie!!!  SMOOCH!!!****


***  Blushes*** You're welcome..it's nothing ***


*** Giggle..now now, It's not entirely nothing, It's not like I'm not wearing anything***


**** ARE YOU DONE PLAYING WITH THAT TROLLUP???, Put that tongue back in your mouth and get to work!!!***


*** Yes Countess...It's not what it looked like Countess...I was just...Oh Shut up you dog!***


*** Wow that one has a temper...see ya around wolfie...***
















It's been while, so for thos of you who don't know who the Countess is?



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Dude, there's a word for people who talk to their miniatures. At least in public...


***Yes there is, It is actually 2 words...  Reaper Forumite!***


***Have you found my replacement minions yet? Or shall I gaze on you in a way you will not enjoy?***


***see what I mean?***

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I bought that one from their by the ounce bins at gencon a few years ago. I have her started but my hand is nowhere near steady enough to paint the thin strips that make up her "outfit". But I'm in a bit of a "finish old minis binge" so maybe I'll get back to her.


At any rate. Good job. She looks good.

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