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Massive Darkness


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All I plan to get is the Lightbringer and Z:BP crossover as well.  I also really only got this for the Z:BP crossover and the mini's.  I might try the game out.  I played through some Z:BP this weekend again.  I like your idea cash about setting up a board to play as you make time.  It also got me inspired to get back to my Zcide Walker and Survivors.

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Havnt got the email yet and having trouble resetting my pass


EDIT: got my notice


After going just for the main box shipping is a whooping:




to canada ><


Someone in Germany reported the same thing, but after refreshing their browser it dropped to where it was supposed to be.

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Sadly the shipping problem im having has not been solved, If i choose a friends address in the U.S shipping is $14max If i select Canada it jumps to :


Shipping cost:
Pledge Amount:




Ive msged them last week but no reply. 


EDIT: when i selected a Vancouver post code it dropped to $26 Im still confused 

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