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Prof. Froschmeister Chronoscope 50061

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So, got eliminated from Wyrd's Iron Painter contest, but I still got the iron ;) so I'm doing submissions just for fun. Since the theme for round 3 is "Wyrd Science", I almost immediately thought of this guy, whom I absolutely love! I've been dying to paint him so he was a pretty obvious pick.


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Awesome job. I love how you picked out the vein on his head.


hehe thanks :D I actually learned to do that doing my hellpit abomination - someone versed in colour theory can prolly explain why it works (I have no idea, I just do stuffs) but apparently after doing flesh, purple makes a good wash to help it look... well, whatever you call it.


Anyway, he was a blast to paint tbh - I did do like two things new - actually used a glaze on his beaker to try to blend the greens (I say that like it was one coat, it was 6 with time to dry in between ha). And the other thing was something I'd heard about but not actually done. That is, making a glaze kinda of a paint. I used Reapers HD Causcasian flesh (sp?) and GW's lahmian (again sp?) medium, to try to bring the layers on his face more together as well as really make him look unhealthily pale as all good mad scientists. Even though there is a lot more pigment in the HD paint, I think it still worked pretty good. I did loose some of the details I think, but overall it was a success and at least I didn't completely mess him up so I'm happy :D

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An excellent mad scientist!  PC or Villain?

I'll be running him as an NPC actually so .. won't say Villain.. but... ;) ;) ;)


Although now that I think of it he'd be a good stand in as well for my call of Cthulhu character!


(Also I absolutely love that reaper's autocorrect/spell check knows how to spell Cthulhu ;)

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