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Massive recall of frozen veg in the US -- possible Listeria -- many brands affected


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I mentioned this in Randomness a few days ago, but people should be aware of this.


There is a massive recall of frozen vegetables ongoing in the US at the moment.


Listeria contamination is suspected in frozen organic and regular vegetables processed by CRF Foods in Pasco, Washington. They supply vegetables and ingredients under a large number of brands to many retailers, including Trader Joe's, CostCo, Krogers, and Publix Supermarkets.


The recall is not just vegetables, but dishes like stir fries, frozen entrees and salads made with those vegetables.


Several lists of some of the products affected are here:










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Thanks for posting those.


I don't think I need to worry, due to ongoing, resolute failure to eat enough vegetables.


Why does Panda Express have two vegetable items in grocery stores? PE is a Chinese fast-food joint I go to when I should not eat egg rolls.


This many, many, numerous, multitude of brands all coming from one giant factory is clearly a bad idea, that must be why no one person is guilty of thinking of it.

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