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Polyversal Miniatures Game


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Polyversal is a universal tabletop miniatures game for two or more players designed by veteran gamer Ken Whitehurst and developed and published by Collins Epic Wargames (known for their award-winning Spearpoint 1943 line of card wargames). The system is intended for use with 6mm scale miniatures, but may be used with larger 10mm or 15mm miniatures if desired. The game uses color-coded polyhedral dice (D4-D12) and Combatant Tiles to reflect the combat qualities of your combatants, their weaponry, their attack ability, evasion, combat effectiveness, and more.

  • A single roll of three color-coded polyhedral dice is used to resolve each attack without the need for multiple re-rolls to determine hits, saves, or damage effects. This makes combat resolution fast and intuitive.
  • Hexagonal Combatant Tiles that you may create and customize to represent miniatures from any line physically arrange together to provide a visual command structure for each "battlegroup" you form around a central command unit. With all of the vital information you need on each Combatant Tile, your eyes remain focused on the battlespace, not the rulebook.
  • A sleek initiative-based orders and activation system keeps players continually involved every turn. You don't stare and wait as your opponent has fun- Initiative "face-offs" between Battlegroup Commanders determine the next minis that activate.  







The miniatures are from several different lines.  As explained in the Kickstarter:



"We do not make miniatures, nor do we compete with the great companies who do."

In order to create boxed games of Polyversal and introduce players to a wide range of what's out there, we partnered with five high quality 6mm/10mm miniatures manufacturers and one terrain manufacturer. 
"Our goal is to bring the sci-fi wargaming community together in a single rules system compatible with everything." 
Boxed games of Polyversal include your choice of several options of miniatures grouped into "Battlegroups" from each of our partner’s lines along with Combatant Tiles we design with professional artwork depicting each model.
"Several of our partners are offering Limited models that every backer at the Adjutant level and higher will receive for pledging!"
Our partners include Hawk Wargames, Dark Realm Miniatures, Brigade Models, Microworld Games, Plasmablast Games, and The Phalanx Consortium along with Bruno Werneck of Filmpaint as well as other artists.


For reference, the previous kickstarter project is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cewargames/polyversal-6mm-miniatures-game-system

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Hrmm. The answer appears to be "tiny":


@Jim- I just measured it- not counting side turrets, the hull measures 1-1/16" long by 5/8" wide. Thanks for backing, any more questions let us know.


Still tempted...they're a neat design. Might need to investigate the ruleset further.

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Vil if you havent't read through the previews or watched the video I'd encourage you to. The mechanics seem to integrate morale and command influence really well without bogging down the turn. Really feels like a large engagement kinda game. 


12 more backers and they reveal the first stretch goal.

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I know a few of you love trying new game systems, so I thought this might be of interest to you. Polyversal is a scifi combined arms game currently on KickStarter. I'm not going to link to it tho b/c I think that will get this post moved to the KS forum and I wanted it to be here where the scifi fans would notice it. ;-)  Just go to KS and search for it.


You can buy just the rules and play it using your own minis, or upgrade your pledge to get some pre-built battlegroups of their own design. I can't say that their mechs are anything amazing, but some of the tanks look really cool.




PS - I forgot to mention that one of the game reviews they link to was written by Moezilla. Just a bit of Reaper-community trivia.

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