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Through a Forest, Darkly - How to Make an Ancient Yew Tree for 28mm

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I spent some time researching yew trees and owls the last weeks and created an old gnarly yew tree that can be removed from its base to place miniatures inside the hollow trunk and also has magnetized branches for easier transport.


If you are interested how to make one yourself check out the detailed tutorial with many pictures on Dagger and Brush:




As you can see, Anirion is adventuring again:







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That is a MOST IMPRESSIVE piece of scenery...a FINELY crafted, BEAUTIFULLY painted, AND HIGHLY IMAGINATIVE creation.!

The write up was SPLENDID. I love the background scenery. VERY WELL DONE

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You are very welcome lads and lasses.


I recently finalised some oak trees and wanted to share the results. I also wrote  a short article on my blog about making trees in general more realistic.

I address bark texture, foliage, trunk and crown shape, scenic basing and critters.







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