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BCK's Iconic Investigator (60176) Conversions.

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Being my first post here, I thought I'd introduce myself.


I've been into building and painting figures and models since I was 10 or so. Back in the old days it was mostly Ral Partha stuff that I could get my hands on, and proper paints were hard to come by. Some years later, I got into the 40k stuff in the late 90s shortly after 3rd ed came out, and that's when I really got into the converting and building side of the hobby and my painting interest waned. I'm still an OK painter, but it kinda hurts when I'm having trouble with something and know I used to be better at it. If you've ever been to the Bolter and Chainsword forum, you might have seen some of my work there under the same screen name.


This thread is part of my trying to get my painting skills back, while continuing to use the conversion and sculpting skills I've built up. My younger brother has been a long-time RPG fan while I've stayed out of it for a number of years, and he recently talked me into coming back to it with the Pathfinder system and the Iron Gods adventure path, and this will be about me customizing a figure for my character. Our gaming is group is small, and to keep everyone from playing multiple characters or having to constantly adjust every fight for a smaller party, we're using the old 3.5 gestalt character thing. I'll be playing an elf Gunslinger/Occultist.


I did mention conversions -- plural -- in the title, and the first one is that one of the guys in my group also has the Investigator mini and wanted me to give him new hair with a ponytail, as well as build a new sword cane since the original broke off.




Since the mini's face looks a bit cartoony, I wanted to do the same with the hair, leaving big chunky sections instead of putting in a bunch of little detail lines. The before pic is actually of my figure because I forgot to take pics of his pre-sculpting.


And the beginning of my elf figure.




Clippers, hobby knife, and a Dremel got me to where I am now, and there's still a lot to go. I'll be sculpting his holster and gun belts, which will be inspired by Doc Holliday's low slung cross-draw shoulder rig from Tombstone. Since Occultists are spectacular with Use Magic Device (especially with a trait that lets me use Int for it instead of Cha), I'll be removing the dagger from the left hand and giving him a wand. He will be getting a hat of some kind, but I'm trying to stay away from the normal cowboy look; I want him to be more fantasy with some sci-fi elements from the high technology in Nemeria, and less American West.


If I get really crazy, my original idea for this was to remove the section below highlighted in blue and re-sculpt the upper legs.




But I've mostly been converting resin and plastic for the last decade, and I'm quickly remembering what a pain it is to convert metal figures, so I may not do that.

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Welcome to the forums and please continue to post your progress.  I am sure when it gets time to paint any questions you have will be answered by a multitude of forumites!  (we can't stop giving advice) :devil:

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Thanks, Robin. I'm always happy to get pointers on painting.


I decided to take the plunge and try to remove the lower section of the figure's front.




There's still more work to do with the Dremel, but the amount of grinding I did ran the battery down. O_o


I've also started on a laser pistol for him. :)

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***Welcome to our Asylum away from Home!***


Ambitious project!

Looking good!

Grinding through lots of metal can be a royal pain in the fingers!

Even with a Dremel! Just be glad you have one! Imagine doing it by hand! (Shudder)


Who makes the original mini you are working from? I don't recognize him,  but he looks cool!



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