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Mierce Miniatures - Mighty Monsters Part Deux

Dan d'Lyon

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I wonder how many pledges will be pulled from Mighty Monsters 1 before the money is actually collected, and put those money into Mighty Monsters 2 instead. Hopefully not too much, but I got no other explination how people can afford to put in money for MM1 AND MM2.

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Got my order placed for mm1, posting it here since I don't care to split discussion between what is basically the same campaign in an older thread.


Just metal starter host

Chaaruch the despolier and gul-gabrax

Hunters of cait



All of those but the last are metal.


Also looks like my backlog of stuff is going to ship az its no longer listed as packing so hopefully I'll get a shipping notice here soon and its not just a website quirk.


That will leave me with ax-from, art book, drunkard ciniod, aetulla and the bog beasts monster host. Those should ship soon I think.

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If you look at the top of the page orders page theres a cancelled and an completed orders tab,


Once something ships it moves to the completed section so even if the shipping email does the occasional vanishing trick you can see it's gone out (note it's in date order so you do have to look if you've been backing all the KS, as it won't nessesarily be at the top of the list)

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