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Could we please have names/numbers of the colours?

I'll give you the colors that are now on this mini.

Since I am base coating, little mixing is going on (but there is some).

So.. I have used:

Vallejo Brush on Gray surface Primer. 74.601

Vallejo Gunmetal Blue. 70.800

Vallejo Cavalry Brown.70.982

Reaper Neon Yellow, 09287

Reapers Vampiric Highlight 09276

Reaper Brown Liner 09064

Reaper Orange Brown 09201

Reaper Stone Gray 09086

Reaper Aircraft Gray 09290

Reaper Promotional free paint supporting "breast cancer Pink".

(has no number, was free with an order. 

Those are all the colors I have used and mixed together in the above photos.

Hope that helps !

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I guess that Pink is like a slightly paler version of 'Blush Pink'. 

I need to get me something like that. I've tried some skin colours, but they're just not right.


How did you do the fur?

(there's mention of dry-brushing, but not what is the base and what is being dry-brushed on) 

Yeah, I'm going to emulate steal your paint scheme for an upcoming Lara Kraft Mousling.

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I am using the brown liner as the base.

I dry brushed a mixture of the two grays and the touch of liner color for the mid tone.

I then used a mixture of the darker gray, with vampire light to give me the highlight color.

I then went back in with the liner color and added the darks back in where I wiped them out.


Just play, have fun, Remember "Two complimentary colors make Gray".. you don't always have to have

black and white to make a gray.  Hope you have a cheap color wheel to play with.


Lykke til !

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My internet is down until tomorrow. Will post once it is connected !

Did you break it with your awesome postings of your figures?


Its a puzzlement, but I will update tomorrow!

It just came alive a minute ago !

I don't trust it yet, but nice to be connected again


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Well no surprise about what I would do when I can not connect to the internet.

How weird, I haven't even checked the news (in foreign languages).. Sheesh.

Here is the Mouse Warrior with a few painting updates.

I just started building his base, using bark, with a black primer as starter !

Gonna get interesting !

Here is what the mouse looks like now !

Hope you like what I am doing.

(The cat's tooth around his neck cracked me up !!!









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On my display Xherman it looks pink.  Your monitor may be more intense than most.

Ahh, just caught where you were referencing, on the back shot, tail next

to the scabbard.  That's the camera messing with the shadow on the tail.

The colors are really really close. 

I'm trying to wrap head around basing idea, see if I can pull it off.

Thanks for the input.

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Now for something DIFFERENT.  Chuckle.  Usually at this point of the painting process I have ignited

my hair, and am running around in circles !  Basing, have to come up with a base.. OH NO..WUT am I gonna Do.

We'll, My hair isn't on fire, and I stopped running around in circles several months ago when I built the balcony for

cersi Lannister.  So, I'm going to show you what I am doing for a base on this mini.

First, I have cut around a nickle with a piece of cork board.  Put it into a one inch diameter black base.

(Nickle is the perfect size..Try it out).

Then I took some bark (Black walnut) and broke it to a size I liked.

I also saved the parts and using a knife I broke several parts to use as a surround for the rest of that

integral base I cut away.  Glued it together, attached the mini, and am now in process of building the mini into

the base.  Once that is done, I will dry brush with gray, lighter gray, and some yellow as highlights on bark.

The last thing I will do is do any corrections on figure, and bring up highlights.


So here are some photo's of my basing process as it is progressing:

(Photos don't take up more that 60ish K each).









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I'm still working on the above base, and entered in all my paints into a spreadsheet.

That should make the reorder process quicker, plus I know what colors I am using when

I want to reference them like I did above.

I really like how that base is coming together !

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Most interesting of afternoons !

I have been making this base, slowly, step by step (as the three stooges would say).

It is very similar to designing a puzzle, and then cutting out the parts for it, and gluing it together.

Then going back in and painting it so that it matches.


So here is the base so far, all in its black base color, waiting for dry brushing.

I can't do that yet, since I want it totally dry before I get any other colors near it.

I like it so far. !







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