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Good Morning;

Things took off on a serious  note this morning, and I began the dry brushing, and basing part of this mini.

Here is the mouse in his setting.

I am now working on the touch-up, repair, clean-up, and adjust highlights, etc...

(all the stuff you fidget about).


So, please provide some input.  He is basically done now.







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looking much better with the enhanced base work.  You might want to add some splotches of green or blue (translucent .. light) to the top of the stone to help break up the grey a bit on the upper surface.

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What a fierce warrior!! :wub: Looks amazing! I love the fur and the bright bag. I'm not sure if it's the photo quality, but the tail doesn't look very shaded? compared to the rest of the mini.

I just got finished doing retouching on the tail.  I hit it while using the black and the grays while dry-brushing.

It has a fresh coat of the pink on ALL the tail.  This is that period where you futz about, fix this, adjust that.

The tail needs to be re-shaded that's for sure.  Thanks for the like bombing  :;):

Glad you like him !

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Well, I have completed the Mouse Warrior.

He is posted in the show off forum.

I'm looking forward to reading what everyone thinks.

One of the things that drives me a little nuts is the Isolation of our hobby.

So here is the link to the Mouse Warrior:



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