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Maledrakh's 89030 Hellknight of the Order of the Nail

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This is a randomly painted mini for my first warband for Frostgrave:


160514-reaper-bones-89030-hellknight-ord 160514-reaper-bones-89030-hellknight-ord



This one did not want to be photographed. None of the photos do it justice. Either too dark or too bright, the colours and gradients seem to dissappear whatever I do.

*sigh*...The need to do something abouit a lightbox increases...


At any rate, for this mini I played around with coloured washes and inks on top of very dark metal. I was going for a  Darkly Colourful Evil kind of impression...I think it turned out ok, at least IRL, apart from the sword that for some reason I simply could not draw straight lines on.

He has a companion done in a similar fashion, but who is not finished yet. Watch this space!


89030: Hellknight of the Order of the Nail

Reaper Miniatures

Bones PVC, KS1

30mm base

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Nice work.  Funny how they vary from each photo - and goes to show how the photo can impact on what the rest of us perceive.  I just use a mobile phone,. backdrop and light.  Might need to consider upping that a bit myself too!

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Have the feeling that his is so evil he isn't going to let you take his photo either !

Nice brushwork, and those metallic colors really work well together !

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That's awesome!! I love the evil, not quite human, burning pinpoints of hellfire eyes that you gave him.

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That is excellent! he is definitely suitably evil and dark! love it


I have the same trouble with photographing my minatures :( I like quite dark paints and I never can seem to get the light or what not right


He really looks awesome I love those eyes and the eyes on his breastplate particluarly

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That's awesome!! I love the evil, not quite human, burning pinpoints of hellfire eyes that you gave him.


I agree!

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