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Elvenroot Collapsible Dice Tower & Dice Case


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About this project


5035d38a8a9be90726bbcc61944ee37b_originaElvenroot Dice Case with embellished faces

The Elvenroot Dice Case is itself a perfectly handcrafted 20 sided die. Made of solid White Oak, this dice box measures 3.75 inches (9.5 cm) in diameter with a volume large enough to hold several sets of dice.  The rare earth magnets hold the lid securely in place while allowing easy access to the dice inside.

7903f7d7df7a2db4b603677ff50ce62a_originaElvenroot Premium Case shown in Walnut Burl on Left and African Sapele on Right

The Walnut Burl Premium Case is made from solid Cherry and covered with a Walnut Burl veneer for contrast.  The African Sapele Premium Case is made from solid hard maple covered with African Sapele veneer for contrast.  Both can be made with plain numbered faces as shown on the Walnut case above, or with embellished faces as shown on the Sapele case above.

52b3048539e870af9d894a358d16c239_originaElvenroot XL Dice Case with a standard dice case inside for size perspective

If you've got an extra large dice collection then you need an extra large dice case!  The Elvenroot XL Dice Case measures 5.6 inches (14.2 cm) in diameter and has a volume roughly 3 times that of the standard dice case.  Shown above with the standard case inside for perspective, the large case can hold a bulk pack of 100 dice.  The XL Dice Case is available in the same wood combinations as the standard case with plain numbered or embellished faces.

7bda6aa5441f5e58b3e99006895842ad_originaAfrican Sapele with plain numbered and embellished faces

17e010c67042f777694fa07089323ab9_originaEvenroot Dice Tower shown in Zebrawood with Wenge Crossbars and Tray

The Elvenroot Dice Tower is a truly portable handcrafted hardwood Dice Tower.  Made from solid domestic and exotic hardwoods the tower looks amazing on the gaming table, but it really separates itself from other dice towers in its portability and ease of use.  Collapsed, the Dice tower is a small 6 inch x 6 inch square that is 2 inches tall (15.25 cm x 15.25 cm x 5 cm), making it convenient to carry.  Unlike other portable towers however the Elvenroot tower not only disassembles in seconds, it also goes together in seconds.  If you enjoy assembling 3D puzzles thats great, I just don't think you should have to at the gaming table.

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