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Copper Alloy Dice


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About this project


The Impact:

Dice likely originated in the ancient Middle East. One of the oldest known dice games was excavated from a Mesopotamian tomb, dating to the 24th century BCE. 

Nowadays dice is still very popular among us, from kids to adults. Friends and families huddle around the table and play games. But most of us never think about hygiene. So we design the dice made from Copper alloy, which is anti-bacteria. 


Why Copper Alloy DICE?

We love games, and we love dices. Copper dice is made from elemental copper. It is able to kills germs on contact naturally because of Oligodynamic effect. So enjoy playing with friends and family everyone huddled around the table.

Features of Copper Alloy Dice

  • Made from copper alloy- Copper alloy Dice are made from copper, carved from a solid block and very strong and durable. 
  • Bateria Resistance- Copper reacts with thiol (SH) or amine (NH) groups of enzymes or proteins, a mode of action to which microorganisms may develop resistance. (from Wikipedia)
  • Two sizes- Copper Dice has two Size options. 13x13x13mm, 18g; 15x15x15mm, 27g
  • Produces fair rolls - Copper Dice are well distributed across each side with regard to it's weight. We have done our best to balance them.



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