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77351: Cultist and Circle

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I'm continuing to play around with darker reds and grabbed a cultist for my next test subject.  Scalecolor 35 Deep Red was used as the mid-tone as a point of reference for those of you with that paint set.  Anyway, he was painted fairly quickly for tabletop though I do think the face gives the sculpt some fun character.  Looking under the hood I see some eyes, but decided he looked better without them painted in as it adds depth to his hood. He's not based yet, but I think I'll save up a few more minis and just have a basing party in the future.





I also had the stone circle sitting out and gave it a quick paint today as well. 




I'm not sure where I've stashed his partner in crime, but I'll take a group shot once he's located and painted.

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Nice work Suberin red can be tricky

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