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Group of Wererats.. (quick painted for an encounter)

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Below are three Wererats and a rat swarm I painted up for a session I am running this weekend.  These little guys are tormenting a shop owner in a local dock district.  (I still need to paint up the Barrow Rats as dire rats)  All in, I think I have about 4-5 hours in the whole set.  These are going to be used on the table, and I just wanted something to adequately represent the trouble the PCs will be facing.  I'm happy with how they came out.  The only real flare I put in them was on the assassin.  His dagger is coated in a paralytic toxin, so I added some green and yellow wash to give it that sickly poisoned look.  As always, C&C welcomed!


Group Photo


Wererat Stalker


Wererat Berseker


Wererat Assassin



Thanks for looking!



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