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I started to put this in the acquisitions thread. But then I didn't. At some point I purchased all the minis that will be involved. But not at all recently.


The story:


I was in my garage. I was shifting some boxes and moving stuff. In the middle of this I spotted a box labeled "TRAVELLER" on its end, written in blue marks-A-lot. I think, "What?  :wacko: No...  ::o: Why are any of my old Traveller books out here? :ik_oops: The garage is no place for books I don't want ruined!"


So I investigate. Of course it was the bottom-most box.  <_<


And this...






...is what I found.


The old Peter Pan peanut butter jar goes to the recycle bin. 


The rest is to be investigated and unboxed. This thread will be dedicated to the...


Lost But Now Found


...minis forgotten, buried, and rediscovered. This is meant to be a shared thread. Everyone else is welcome to post their joyful finds, archaeological digs, recovered artifacts, & ancient acquisitions that may come to light.



I have a white plastic bag to un-knot... (bottom right in picture).

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 I'm guessing that you might not have actually played Chronopia and Warzone back in the day, and just bought those because they were cool and on sale?

I recognize the Ogre miniatures, and a Crimson Skies blister, and is that a Void blister in there as well?


Chronopia/Warzone and Void all have quite a fair number of figures that work for interesting/unique monsters for either fantasy or sci-fi campaigns - and are just flat out damn cool to paint, lol. My FLGS still has a decent rack of Warzone/Chronopia stuff.


(And does anybody else find it a bit scary when they can identify mini manufacturers by the back of their packaging? lol)



 EDIT: About ten years ago I dug through a plastic storage container in the closet under the stairs in the basement and reclaimed both Death Takes A Ride and the 54mm Journey To The Gathering from the RP Sterling Collection still in their (heavily banged up) original boxes...



 On a slightly related note, when we moved the Citadel Game Cellar to it's new location a few years back, I "reclaimed" a bunch of stuff for the store that I found in boxes down in the basement while cleaning out the old location - including a bunch of old Archive and Wizzards & Warriors minis. Some of it has found its way into the various BoG's, and some will be going in there this round as well.

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That happens to me all the time.....

I think what TGP wants here with this thread are actual pictures and descriptions of things you guys find that were forgotten treasures.  ^_^


Ding, ding, ding, ding...!  (Vanna tell the barbarian what he has won...)


I will be taking more detailed pix, but everyone else is welcome to join in...

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@Jack, yup there are some void minis in there...


Recycle the jar? ...

It is a really old jar...


This is what the white plastic knotted sack contained:




One lizardman shield, two elf shields, Sir Justin and Sir David—kniggets, and dice, twenty-seven D6-es. Which are a bit of a mystery. Does anybody know what game they go to or what the sigil that replaces the [ 1 ] face is?  Also, there are two kinds of dice, the difference is subtle.

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That happens to me all the time.....

I think what TGP wants here with this thread are actual pictures and descriptions of things you guys find that were forgotten treasures. ^_^
do I need to necroed some threds?



Rather than linking to threads, just copy/paste over here, really get the ball rollin'  ::D:

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