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What is Sophie's Lore


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I am trying to gather together all Sophie lore.


I already know about Sophie Speaks from Casket Works issue 8, 2002


I have heard that Sophie seduces people into buying miniatures and paints, and that Rauthurose is her uncle (or something like that), although I don't have sources for either of those bits of information.


I want to make Sophie into an NPC in a Pathfinder game I am running, so I want to find out as much about her as I can.  If people can include links to sources that would be great, but I will take any lore I can get.



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I will dig into my old Casket works and see what I may see...


also, maybe something here?




Welcome to our Asylum away from Home!


I will skip all the rest, as I am sure you already know the speil about how nice and insane we all are....


George, a funny thing happens with ComicSans Font when an iDevice tries to view it. Borrow an iPhone sometime and check it out.

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Welcome to our Asylum away from Home!


I will skip all the rest, as I am sure you already know the speil about how nice and insane we all are....

"Insanely nice" he means....  Stay a while, have some coffee--don't set it too close to your brush water...

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Remember, as Reaperbryan reminded me, she is evil. Not baby killing and soul destroying evil. but three kickstarters in three years sort of evil.

I thought she was also said to be the playful, flirty succubus, not soul sucking seductress?


oh she is. Very much so from what I understand.

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It has been established that she is into cosplay.


Bryan answered a bunch of questions a while back in some thread. Not sure if it was Ask ReaperBryan Anything or some other randomness. Or in one of the KS comments.

Good to know.  I was planning on having Sophie put lots of skill points into disguise anyways since she has lots of costumes and needs to modify her cloths to hide her wings around most people.


I briefly used Sophie in a Pathfinder game already.  In the game Sophie was disguised as a human since demons tend to be very unpopular.  At one point Sophie's cloth's got ruined and one of the PCs gave Sophie an extra dress.  Sophie accepted the dress but said that she would have to modify it to accommodate her large chest.  In reality Sophie had to modify the dress to accommodate her wings.  I assume that Succubi are much more flexible than humans, so they can adjust their bodies to match local beauty standards and fold their wings into surprisingly small sizes for concealment, although they will still need SOME extra room in back for their wings.


I will also see if the Sophie Fan club has any lore.

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      This is Inn Keeper Sophie from the Bones 4 Core, Sophie and Friends subset and was sculpted by Gene Van Horne. It was #160 in the set but is now available as SKU: 77750.

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