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What is Sophie's Lore


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Here's a few tidbits I was able to glean from the "Ask ReaperBryan Anything" thread! :wub:


Does Sophie paint and/or sculpt minis? If so, is she eligible to win a Sophie?

She does, and she is! In fact, Artist Sophie (limited availability) has already won one!




Has Sophie been around since Reaper started as a company, or was she a later addition? (I don't think this is work-related....)
--OneBoot :D

Sophie was, I believe first hired as a mascot several years after we officially began, and was introduced (I *think*) with the Dark Heaven Legends product line. I was not around for that, being a 21 year old company and a 12.9-year long career for me. Certainly her earlier representations were different than now, although we have paid homage to that version in a very controversial sculpt. (The first Sophie was portrayed on her hands and knees, and was clearly seen to be fully nude. Forum rules prevent me from showing a picture. In 2010 we had a Sophie model in that pose, available in bikini clad or nude, and that caused quite a stir, which is not appropriate for this thread to re-hash nor instigate.)  In just a few years, less than 2, I believe, Talin came on board and brought the modern sensibility of Sophie - Clothed, and possessing a playful, kid-sister kind of attitude, not a lust driven sex demoness. Under Talin's careful guidance, Sophie has demonstrated that the temptation she represents is the temptation to buy, play with, assemble, paint, and display miniatures, and not merely indulge in prurient interests. Sophie is the voice that implores you to buy just one more model. Some of the reasons behind the image shift were for marketing - I'd be lying to deny it - as some stores refused our packaging with brazenly nude breasts displayed, and some included a shift in our understanding towards objectification, which, again, is not really appropriate for this thread so I'll stop there.
In helping to Edit Letters to Sophie (when those columns appeared in CW) I would often help Sophie find the correct phrasing for fan letters (which were al genuine, believe it or not). We strove to find a playful balance, she is our mascot, and we love her, and she has worked tirelessly for longer than any non-founder to help make sure that our hobby is one that is open and feels welcoming to all gamers and hobbyists, whatever their personal views on demonesses happen to be.

it's Sophie related. Anything Sophie related is good. What I want to know, is if Sophie is in a committed relationship, and if so, with whom? Not Sir Forescale obviously, but I am sure there are several other viable options for her.

Sophie speaks very rarely of her personal life at work. She seldom brings her family to work, although we continue to honor her family for special occasions, such as Uncle Agrammon, who got a mini of himself for his 6 billionth birthday party, and Nephew Rauthuros, who received his mini when he graduated law school. Harvard. We're very proud. He's running for congress next year. Vote! Also notably, her brother and one of her sisters was the model behind the Incubus and succubus figures in Warlord's Darkspawn faction, and although they go unnamed, the likeness is uncanny.  Many of the devils and demons we sculpted for Bones II were based off old family photos, friends of the family, co-workers, or gaming buddies.
Sophie is very focused on her career at the moment, and while she makes time for fun, romance is not a high priority. She feels fulfilled and complete knowing she is making a contribution to her hobby, and the industry around it, and she's happy. She is surrounded by people who love and respect her, and help her through the hard times (When the veil between this world and the next is thickest and she loses touch with her family for extended periods of time, for instance), and I think she knows that while romantic love can be fulfilling and rewarding, if she wasn't enough of a demoness without it, she'd never be enough with it.



It seems Sophie shows a maturity and understanding of herself and such quite beyond what one would expect of a Succubus. Still it is good to know she is surrounded by good friends.


--OneBoot :D

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Welcome to our Asylum away from Home!


I will skip all the rest, as I am sure you already know the speil about how nice and insane we all are....

"Insanely nice" he means....  Stay a while, have some coffee--don't set it too close to your brush water...


The nice just happens to coincide with the insanity.

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Anoint the blade

Spill the blood

Summon the Brian!

Ia! Ia!

What, huh? I'm here.


I don't have any particular questions about Sophie.  It is more that I want to try and get together as much information as I can about Sophie and then weave that information into a coherent story.  When I get as many fact together as I can I will write them down in chronological order and write a story that connects all of the facts.  If everything goes well, I will have the story done in time for PaizoCon to share at the paint-and-take table (my stories aren't very long).

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OK, I'll post my Sophie story after I write it next week.  I already have a draft, but I will need to change some details based on the information I recently received.  I got Rauthuros and Agramon mixed up in my mind, so I thought that Rauthuros was her 6 billion year old uncle.  Anyways, Rauthuros and Agramon will be in the story, they must just feel a little out of place.


You will learn about Sophie's long lost sister Celeste and her vampire husband Cassius, how Sophie and Celeste pieced together their broken pasts, how all of the Sophie miniatures were based on Sophie's real life experiences, how Sophie made a contract that would change her life forever, and why Sophie is currently working for Reaper, seducing people into buying miniatures and paints.

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