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Bookshelf and Table & Benches (Bones)

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I love these! I'm a big sucker for when you can really see the love that someone puts into a piece through the details and that's definitely the case here. Beautiful work!

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Thanks everyone! The books were fun to paint. I wanted to use many colors so it wouldn't look like a set of encyclopedias. Hmmmm...maybe I need another one and do a set of encyclopedias now that I think about it. For you younguns, encyclopedias were what us old folks used before there was Google.


The books were too tiny for me to put words on (my freehand skills are not that refined) so I used symbols instead. There is Harry Potter (shown above), The Tolkein symbol is on the light green cover on the second shelf, Outlander is the blue book second shelf and the Deathly Hallows symbol is on the small book on the stack on the bottom shelf.


To do the woodgrain, if you don't own Reaper's brown liner, I recommend you get some. I coated everything with the brown liner then drybrushed with a dark brown, medium brown, and lastly a very light brown. I then used Army Painter's Soft Wash over the entirety. Seriously easy and ends up looking pretty nice. I can give you the exact colors I used if anyone is interested.


The brown liner is so good for 2 reasons. One, it sticks to Bones like no other and makes painting them a breeze. Secondly, it seeps down into all of those little cracks and makes the whole thing pop because you don't lose the detail. I am going to need buckets of the stuff! I have DDS2 to paint as well as Bones III coming in a few months!

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Wow that is fantastic work!  I love that you took the time to detail the books.  Background pieces don't always get that kind of detail and love. Bravo!

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The bookshelf is a bit wonky but hey, maybe the wood was warped


Yeah, the Bonesing process was not kind to those shelves. :down:   Had I realized what would happen I would have used thicker brass stock for the armatures. That warp bugs me every time I see it.  :unsure:



However, I LOVE the way you painted it and especially the fun details you added to the books.



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