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I'm pretty sure it will deliver - probably a good product if you just look at the minis ... but the whole "we cannot tell you who we are", the way Prodos deals with criticism and AvP backers (and I didn't even back AvP) just turned me off. I had to decide between Massive Darkness and Load and the decision was easy.

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My game arrived last night. I opened in this morning and I am very impressed. I know there were a lot of worries about this one, but it is amazing looking. The minis are smaller than I was expecting based on the ks descriptions, but it works out well, because they are scaled nicely for tabletop gaming. The material is very light, and the detail looks close to resin. Since I know a lot of people were wondering, I took some pics. First is the packaging, which is brilliant:



Minis protected by foam with images printed on the bottom so they are really easy to replace for storage.


Here's a comparison shot with Bêlit from the recent Conan ks, and a Tiefling from Bones:


Check out the detail. The photos don't even do them justice. And the bases! You can see individual blades of grass. And they didn't skimp on any of the bases, even the creep minions have fantastic bases:


They have some very interesting designs. The medusa doesn't have a pile of snakes on her head, she instead has a couple of head tails that look similar to a Twi'lek's, and a lower body consisting of several snake tails coiled together over the base.



And a final shot to show a comparison between heroes and creeps:


So yeah, I'm very glad I stuck this one out. I just wish I had picked up all the epic versions, I think they'll look fantastic.


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The minis do look great, but I am done taking chances on KS.  I have been burned one too many times.  I look for at least one delivered KS.  I am glad it sounds like everyone got what was promised and that the quality was good.  I look forward to some game reviews.  Please let us know how you like the game as a whole.

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I received my second wave today. I ended up only backing at the basic $99 level, so I wasn't expecting too much for wave two. I should have paid more attention. I got a big box with nine epic minis plus their cards, and two boxes of six regular sized minis plus cards.



If you notice the bottom right box, the corner was banged in, even though they were in a big box with padding. However, since the package arrived a couple days ago and I didn't see it, it's possible it got damaged after it arrived. In any case, the box was easy to unbend, and the mini inside is in great shape (it's the epic sized mini in the pics below). On the right side, you can see foam cut outs from the six-pack expansion boxes. I think it's pretty cool they recycled the cut outs to use as padding in the shipping box. They did not skimp on packaging, not only did everything come in retail boxes, but the expansion packs have the same style of shaped cut out foam with mini pics on the bottom for easy re-storage.


Here's the contents of one expansion box along with one epic mini:



These minis look amazing. They again have complex bases, and I have no idea how they can be cast as a single piece. They all look great, particular standouts are Airlea, the back of her cloak has a dozen small hands and arms pulling the fabric apart revealing small faces and Jack, the leonine berserker dual-wielding axes.


Here's another view of three of the minis:



Impel, the archer, has her hunting hawk taking flight from the end of her bow. There are some really amazing details on her. She has a dagger in a sheathe strapped to her thigh, it even has an eyelet in the handle. Even the feathered fletching on her arrows are separate. Hector, the necromancer on the other end, has an extra pair of vestigial arms growing out of his back, and while the hands aren't widely splayed, there are actually tiny gaps between fingers. His staff appears to be a wickedly curved four fingered hand mounted on the end of a spine.

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