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Blacksting, Wyvern redone.


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After taking the time to look more closely at the Wyvern I had painted, I was not quite happy with how it looked, so I have redone the wings, claws and belly scales, as well as using a wash to pick out the pupils of the eyes. Take a look at the pictures below, comments and advice are always welcome!










(edit: I forgot to add the pictures to show off the head and eyes!!)

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He looks great, I really like the blue & cream combination & the evil eyes.


A cost effective & simple way to get lighter pics might be to use the daylight coming in from your window (or even take the photo outside?), position yourself with the sun behind & above you taking care not to cast your own shadow on the mini. You might want to use some sort of backdrop behind the mini to block out the background - one side of a big plain cardboard box would do it. Finally, if your phone has a "macro" setting, use that & turn the flash off also. ::):

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