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Siri's Bones Mass-Paint #11 NPCs and Goodly PCs

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77384: Arathanel, Elf Ranger

89018: Sajan, Iconic Monk

77355: Count Lorenth

77364: Angel of SHadows

77397: Logrim Battlefury, Dwarf Paladin

77264: Female Centaur

77200: Sir Conlan

77205: Alistrilee

77220: Henryk, Dwarf Cleric

77199: Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian

77084: Townsfolk: Innkeeper

77148: Mangu Timur

77074: Dain Deepaxe

77142: Townsfolk: Blacksmith

89011: Seelah, Iconic Paladin

77153: Snakeman warrior (arm replaced)

77216: Panther and wolf animal companions






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I really like the tone of your colors.  They give your figures a feel of realism. 


Of course it doesn't hurt that the painting is great as well!  ::D:

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    • By Rigel
      A combination of vacation, busy, and depressed has kept me quiet for a while, but I'm back! 

      These were actually painted up during the winter, but after I took pictures I realized they had no haloes and that WOULDN'T do. Pro-tip: gold-colored jump rings are great. 
      And then I got a nice piece of paper for a background and took new photos last week.

      Had a lot of fun with the wings on these, and the Enochian glyphs on the robes. 

      Here are some Nolzur's Aasimar magic-users:

      and an Aasimar Paladin and 77364, the Angel of Shadows. 

      Click for more: 

      And here's 77363, the Deva. What a magnificent wingspan. 

      And the Solar, 77594. The leonine features of this one make it look like one of the angels of eschatological vision, with beast features and skin of glowing bronze (I love using metallic complexions for Celestial beings). 

      More of these greater beings: 

      These, like the Genies, are powerfully weird to be around, an intrusion of a higher and more solid reality. Machen's "The Great Return" weird at the very least. From more prolonged exposure, expect stigmata, bleeding myrrh or rosewater, spontaneous lily growth, Saves vs. Enlightenment (as Stun, but you gain a piece of cosmic truth), "merciful" weapons that do damage with no pain, and of course the loose teeth, hair-shedding, and skin problems that come from excessive radiation dosage (for what else is radiant damage)? If you get Holy Cancer from the ultra-high-frequency GLORY, in three to five months the tumor detaches and flies off as a newborn putto. (I'd say cherub, but the cherubim look more like shoggoth orreries than fat winged babies. These Beings shown here are at the very normal end of the spectrum of Angel Weirdness. The farther end requires higher-dimensional topology to portray.) 

    • By fredou
      on this mini I have try to dilute a lot the paint to make nice shades on the robe and on the cloak.
      What do you think about it ?
      ps: the pics are not very clean because  I have take it with my low quality cellphone.


    • By Vacaroja
      I wanted to do a couple things with these guys. First, I wanted to see what I could accomplish in under 3 hours of work on a single mini. This included the prep, prime, and painting of each (though I didn't prime Sajan). And second, just play around with more Bones figures because, except for the bigger models, I admit to not being the biggest fan mostly due to the fuzzy details and cleaning the mold lines can be a pain on them. But I want to get to know them better because they're not going anywhere! And I have a lot of them now too.
      Here's what I got out of it -
      One, since I had a time constraint, I didn't obsess over getting every mold line smoothed out and I didn't do any green stuff patching and I just had to get over it, haha.
      Two, the sculpt really matters. Sir Conlan was easier compared to the other two.
      Three, I had to constantly remind myself not to hyper focus on little details as is my habit. An example would be faces. I spent about a half hour just on Alistrilee's face. (And these pictures don't do her justice, it looks way better in person, I think.)But that's part of the reason I wanted to try this - to see where I spend too much time and improve technique and habit along the way.
      And four, I know things could go faster if I gave in to more drybrushing, but certain things never look quite complete to me when I do that.



      Going to go back to hyper focusing on some of my other projects for now. But I'll definitely do this more often. Maybe a couple every other week or something like that.
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