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Nerdcasts, Nerdvids, Webcomics, and Web Serials....


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I am going to start this by plugging Throwing the Gun - a podcast by a group of writers in the superhero genre.


Lots of fun, and somewhat informative - interviews have included the writers of the first superhero RPG, Villains and Vigilantes.


I mentioned it, in passing, on the Batman vs. Superman Spoiler thread - but I feel that it is well worth mentioning in its own right. (I also feel that Zack Snyder would have benefited by listening to it.)


One of those same people also has a podcast titled Authors & Dragons, 'where a group of comedic fantasy authors attempt to play a game of Pathfinder without accidentally dying'.


Less informative than Throwing the Gun, but lots of fun.




The Auld Grump

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Expanding the topic a wee bit - making room for Erifnogard's suggestion, as well as web serials....


Two good super heroic web serials that are on going:


Super Powereds - There are two types of people that have super powers - Supers, the people that can control their powers; and Powereds, the people that have powers, but cannot control them. There are ten Powereds for every Super.... what happens when someone invents a treatment capable of giving the Powereds the control over their powers, allowing them to become Supers?


The main characters are the human guinea pigs for the treatment, and the story is their time training to become Heroes.


I have been reading this one for several years - the entire series (so far) is on the site, but the first three years are available on the Kindle.


Curveball - Life was easier when he was a super villain, being a hero is hard work. (I have not read very far, but it is looking good so far.) If I remember aright, all of the characters had their roots in a long ago role playing game...


Legion of Nothing - is it suspicious that the first installment is titled 'Villains & Vigilantes'? Superhero RPGS strike again! 


The Auld Grump

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