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CAV SO Bones - Ritterlich Force (Silverback, Cataphract, ...)


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Hi all,


I finally painted the Ritterlich Republic CAV's models from the Kickstarter.
I started the force 1 year ago when the first Early Bird models came in and now I just finished with the 2 Silverbacks and Cataphracts that were added.
The paint job was a bit rushed, and I had to stick to the colour scheme I chose way back...
Not the best, but I'm still happy to call them done.






Group Shot:

I added some Halberd CAVs from the Grand Order of the Temple with this Ritterlich's force, as there weren't many Attack CAV in the Rit's selection from the Kickstarter.


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They look awesome!


Did you have any issues with the pigmentation while using the Ritterlich blue?

I didn't use Reaper's Ritterlich Blue, so I can't tell.

The blues used are Vallejo Electric Blue and a craft paint turquoise.

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