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Reaper Bones: 77171 Stone Golem

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So, I had this Golem that I was painting up in the 'messing about' thread of mine... 

And I messed about... and dropped it! Straight into my palette... And then it bounced off and landed on the floor... carpeted floor...  

So, today I gave it the heave ho, and soaked it in nail-polish remover and started over.



First I used liner. 

Brown on the skirt/kilt/whatever, then grey on the rest. About a 6drop liner/1 drop water mix on both.

Frankly, it doesn't look half bad... Give it red eyes and a dip in varnish, and call it 'Tabletop quality'...


As if I could ever do something that sensible...



The skirt got a treatment of MSP 9001 Red Brick, the body got AP Wolf Grey, and the belt and bracelets got a rather uneven coat of AP Lava Orange.



Some MSP Pearl White got added for eyes and Belt buckle. Belt and bracelets got some MSP Tarnished Brass.



More Tarnished Brass got added, I cleaned up edges and slip ups with more Red Brick and Wolf Grey.

And eyes and belt buckle got a bit of Tamiya Clear Orange. (That stuff STINKS!) 

The second layer of Tarnished Brass was thinned with Vallejo Thinner Medium. And yeah, I think I will stay away from thinning metallics with water from now on. The Thinner made for a much more even coating. 


The plan now is to dry-brush on some MSP Concrete Grey, possibly add some verdigris to the brass, varnish(mostly with matte varnish) and figuring out how the base should look. 

The main reason it's photographed from the front is that less mold lines are visible, then. This is mostly a painting exercise and to test out stuff. Also, this is a Golem that will look as if he was made of concrete. The mold lines may be intentional... Or that's what I would claim... 



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Tested my Kappel #2 drybrushing brush today...


First on some rather unfortunate rabbits I picked up at a local store and gave a nail-polish remover bath...

(At $0.35 or so, each, they can be considered expendable... ) 

Since that didn't end up a complete disaster, I attacked th Stone Golem again...





Brushed it with undiluted MSP Concrete Grey.

The brush seems to be working OK for me. 


I think that if I give the buckle a bit of a touch-up(maybe a few more layers), some matte varnish on anything not buckle, metal or eyes, and do somerthing about the base it should be ready for my shelf...


No shading or highlights. Just did a bit less brushing on the legs, and particularly the inside of the legs, between arms and sides and so on. 

No highlights, not just because that's beyond me, yet, but also because this is concrete. It's supposed to be dull.


Concrete coloured because, after the creation of concrete and molds, who the elf would bother with oldfashioned stone to make golems out of?

(At least if the magic require you to shape it before you can animate it)

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