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Spring Exchange from Tarlen


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I have just received a package that spent many a day at sea (which might explain the complexion) !

Not only was I anxious to see the content but my wife texted me from work as she couldn't wait to hear what was in the box either.


All I can say was... I was not disappointed... I have this lovely mini and her companion from Tarlen.


This is my spring exchange!  

The challenge was to use Orange on the mini and he pulled it off with great success.  

I know you forumites just want pictures .. so you shall get pictures


First set is of the complete scene  (I apologize in advance for my very poor photography skills)









And the the close ups!


The dog

post-12816-0-40190800-1464132037_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-04016000-1464132043_thumb.jpg


Then the main character (which is a bones mini that did not make production) so  bonus to me .. one of a kind!

post-12816-0-64698000-1464132094_thumb.jpg post-12816-0-74300100-1464132103_thumb.jpg


And finally (had enough yet?)  

the whole delivery  

which included some local treats (and yes I have sampled one already..could not resist)




Thanks and this one joins my shelf of honor for all my exchange trophies (can you spot it?)







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I'm glad you like it! I was starting to worry that it wasn't going to get there - it's quite overdue for the shipping estimate I was given. :-)


And thanks for posting the pics, I was unable to get any that good before I shipped it.

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