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Katherine Vinoq, Noble Adventurer

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    • By Ghool
      This was painted for Patrons to win, and for a demo video on painting white hair.
      He was a lot of fun, and has some really interesting bits. Really nice sculpt.







    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Torgils knew he had to hurry, his rage fueling his mighty thews as he raced down the steps into the evil wizard's sanctum... he encountered a large iron bound door and without hesitation he laid into it with his axe, the door fell before him like wheat before a scythe...
      Standing before an ancient altar of evil was his nemesis, the vile wizard Severus and upon the altar was a beautiful young princess... He raced into the room as Severus spoke the incantation to bring forth the Elder God...Ma'sheen... time seemed to slow as Torgils raised his axe on high and rushed forward to do battle...
      For this piece, I wanted to create a scene that would evoke the essence of Conan and give a sense of action and danger.
      Some of you followed along with my WIP of it and saw the evolution, gave me valuable feedback (thank you!) and finally I completed it in time to enter it into the Las Vegas Open, a local convention with a painting competition.
      I entered the "journeyman level" as I'd never won any contests before and was awarded a Gold Pin for the piece. Which, from what I understand, is a lot like Reaper's medals for individual works.
      Torgils "the black wolf" from Catacombes Le Regne Sombre, sculpted by Fancagne Didier.
      Severus from Enigma - ENM3038
      Altar of Evil w/ Victim - Reaper SKU 02580 (didn't use the candles)
      Arms from Eldritch Demon - Reaper SKU 77113
      Tentacles from Reaper's Creature Components - SKU 03334
      Scratch built shelf and desk
      Special thanks to Thrym for doing the banner/title for me to be placed on the front of the piece.

      C&C are welcomed and appreciated, thanks for looking!
    • By jcg
      This was a tabletop job for one of my PFS characters Kristoff Kringle and his animal companion Blitzen. Santa is Enigma Miniatures "Bad Santa" model and Blitzen is a D&D Wolf from the Castle Ravenloft board game with the bow from Reaper 89033 glued to his head...
      Character Background:
      The door to the lodge slams open loudly. The cold wind blows in
      violently carrying with it a peculiar stench. You see a shoddy looking
      dwarf holding a unique looking staff and dragging a large sack behind

      "You 'em Pathfinders?" He asks rhetorically; "Me name's Kristoff
      Kringle [150311-4]. Me Grandpappy, you know him, the "big guy," well
      last year about this time he sent me cousin Kris [150311-2] down to ye
      Pathfinders. Kris was supposto find out if ya'll Pathfinders belonged
      on the naughty or nice list. Up north we be herin' lots of talks aboot
      rampant murdohobo'in."

      "Well Kris ain't never come back. Aboot a month later we get a letter
      from some Drangle Drang saying Kris dun got his head bit off by a
      ghoul on his first mission and thankin' our family for our sacrifice."

      "So this year the big guys dun sent me down to south to complete his
      mission. I'm a bit more experienced then me former cousin [inquisitor
      1 / Druid 1] so ain't no ghoul gunna bite my head off. Plus I brought
      me bud Blitzen to watch me back." As the dwarf points to a large wolf
      standing at his side. You notice a pair of antlers loosely strapped to
      the wolf's head as you start to question the dwarf's mental faculties.

      Oh yeah, here ya go" And he tosses the sack to you with disembodied
      heads clearly visible. "I met some of 'em Aspis folks on the road
      down.here. They were already on the naughty list and they got all
      huffy about it. Ended up meeting my Candy Cane of Judgement they did!"
      As he slaps the oddly shaped staff in his palm.

    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Loratham's Conquest
      He stood upon the outlook, his clear blue gaze staring out at the hoard arrayed before him. He welcomed the challenge, his enemies would fall before him and he'd bath in their blood. He was first among his tribe of Goliaths, the King of the clans and he relished any challenge that would face him. The orcs before him would present only a challenge in their numbers, none could stand before him in single combat... He snarled and tapped his great axe against his right palm, ready for the battle...
      Originally, I was doing this figure for one of my D&D members, but that member has since left the group and the figure became my personal little project for fun. I love this figure and had a lot of enjoyment painting him up and working on his base. Spent about 12 hours on him total I'd guess. Puts him at high tabletop+ for me, nearing my low display quality. 
      Figure: Loratham, The Lost and Then Found
      Manufacturer: Enigma Miniatures
      Series: Massive Darkness
      SKU: ENM3029
      Sculptor: Raúl García Latorre
      Size: 38mm to the eyes, 40mm to the top of the head
      Material: Metal
      WIP Thread






      C&C are welcomed and greatly appreciated!
      Thank you for looking!
    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Been working on a few things today, the only one I can show since I'm doing my Summer Exchange at the same time is this guy who represents my D&D Group's Goliath Barbarian "Drhogath".
      Figure: Loratham, The Lost and Then Found
      Manufacturer: Enigma Miniatures
      Series: Massive Darkness
      SKU: ENM3029
      Sculptor: Raúl García Latorre
      Size: 38mm to the eyes, 40mm to the top of the head
      Material: Metal
      Here you can see I had already put him together as his weapon is attached at the wrists (I pinned and superglued them followed by liquid green stuff). His leg is also super glued on and has liquid green stuff to add more stability and fix any gaps.
      I also added a little set of 3 skulls that I had on hand, I think they are from Reaper.
      The base is built up out of cork board and then I added Red Oxide Paste (Vallejo) to give it more texture.


      I primed with SC75 black primer and then lightly dry-brush reaper brush-on primer to bring out details.


      I'm going with the color scheme that the player wants here, he wants stock goliath from D&D which means I went back over his skin with blue liner and then went to work on skin tones using various grays, whites, and blues to obtain the look I wanted. These included: Reaper MSP HD Dragon Blue, Rich Indigo, Concrete Grey, Blue Flame, and Solid White and SC75 Eclipse Gray.


      Added eyes and hair colored to an off-white and then hit with some Solid White Reaper HD to do some highlighting. I used some SC75 Sahara Yellow for the skulls/bones, added in some Reaper MSP Graveyard Bone, some shadows with Reaper Brown Ink. I just kept going back and forth mixing these in different amounts until I got the color of bones that I wanted.



      Anyhow, this is where he stands right now, including the base build, I've spent probably 2-3 hours on him so far. Kind of hard to gauge when doing it in conjunction with other projects.
      C&C are welcome, encouraged, and appreciated!
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