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My new toy!


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So I had save up some money and has some gift checks and store credit at a camera store (Really nice pro shop one!) and I go down there yesterday to get a camera. I was going to get the FujiFilm FinePix S3000, but they were sold out and I was sad. ::(: But they had the S5000, so my wife :wub: spotted me the extra hundred bucks I needed and I was able to get a nice $400 dollar camera for $218, after all my credit and gift check. Score!!!!!!! Here are the stats

10x Fujinon Optical Zoom

6.0 million recording Pixels; 3.1 Million Effective Pixels

4th Gen Super CCD HR

QVGA-Quality (30fps) Movie recording with sound

TTL contrast multi-zone auto, center point auto, focus lock, continuous auto focus (C-AF), manual focus, AF assist illuminator

Shooting modes: Auto, Exposure Combination, Macro, Movie

Plus the manual says that it can computer color pictures to make them Black and White!!!!!! How cool is that!!!!!!!

I cant wait to start taking pics of my minis!

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Good deal, a $400 camera for $218.  Just beaware if using windows XP(erimental) there is an issue with having multible usb imaging devices.  Happy clicking  ::):  ::):

Yer telling me. I have an old USB Imation Super Disk (120MB floppy)

and when I hook it up to my comp .. in addition to my Floppy A ...

XP reads a Floppy B and a mystery Floppy F. No matter how many

reformats/updates, etc I try. But, I digress.

Congrats on the camera!!! Because of you I'm, looking at the same.

Wish you could get a commission if I buy one! (heh) ^_^

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I got a Fuji F601 zoom camera a while ago and still haven't managed to find the ideal distance from the lense for minis... tried everything, macro settings, flash, no flash, lighting, sunlight... plain background... fussy background.


I hope they fixed it with the model you have ::):


Could you post some results?

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