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I wrote an e-mail to the good people at Reaper and they pointed me in the direction of these forums.


I am interested in getting into a fantasy skirmish game. In fact, this was the first result I received when searching.


That being said, what do I need to get started? I would like to get a couple of factions together along with an understanding of the rules, but I'm in the dark on specifics.


Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks and God bless.

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What you need to play Warlord

  • To play Warlord, the first thing you will need is a copy of the Warlord 2nd Edition Core Rules rulebook. If your local game store doesn't carry it, ask them to order it for you. If that fails, you can buy it direct from Reaper's online store HERE.
  • The next thing you will need is a number of Reaper miniatures. Again, the best place to find these is at your local game store, who should be able to special order anything they don't carry. Failing that, you can buy them direct from Reaper's online store HERE.
  • Next you will need some 10-sided dice (1 is enough, but 3-5 is better). Every action in the game is decided by rolling a 10-sided die, adding a modifier, and comparing it to a target number. These should be easy to find at your local game store. It would also be helpful (but not necessary) to have a few 6-sided dice too for tracking various things (like damage done to a model).
  • Next you need a tape measure (available at any home improvement store) to measure the movement of your models on the board, and a standard 52-card deck of playing cards (available everywhere) to determine the order of play (Warlord uses a random-activation sequence to determine turn order).
  • Finally, you will need a handful of small items to use as tokens. Pennies, beads, or small glass stones all work perfectly. These tokens are used to mark various things on the battlefield (e.g., a model that is under a special affect).

Some helpful downloads, including a Quick Play set of rules.



Note that many of the Warlord figures have been reproduced in the cheaper Reaper Bones line as well as their original metal.  And their are also many appropriate figures in the Bones line to substitute for the metal Warlord figures that haven't been copied in the Bones line if that is your preference.

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Find a copy of the 2nd edition rules.  If there aren't any in the Reaper store you can search for a used copy.  That is, IMO the best way to understand the army building rules, see the individual figures and their point values and abilities all in one place.  Savage North is a 2nd ed expansion, it can also get you started. 


There is a web site with an army list maker, but it will not tell you if you are breaking rules when selecting leaders and troops.  The stats for each figure are listed, but you have to have the book for the special abilities listings.  It's good for number crunching. 


After that it is just a matter of finding models to represent your army.  You can use the ones named in the rules, or substitute any Reaper figure (even Bones).  In general, you'll want a warlord, a couple or three captains, a magic caster and or healer (as applicable to your army, and a bunch of grunts to start with.  Maybe a big monster. 


I think all the armies are well balanced, it's a matter of knowing what abilities they have, using models in synergy with each other, and understanding what works best on your opponent. 

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I will be in trouble with some here for asking, but it's important to know up front: do you have somebody (a friend or two) who is ready and willing to play with you?


I ask because Warlord players are few and far between. You're not likely to find a robust Warlord community down at a local game store like you are other skirmish games like Malifaux, Warmahordes, or even the quickly-growing-in-popularity Frostgrave.


It's not that it isn't a good game. And Reaper's minis are certainly popular, and deservedly so. But the game is relatively much lesser known to the gaming community at large.


Miniatures gaming requires an investment of time and money, and for some hobbyists a big part of the return is replay-ability, and that will rely on your ability to find a reliable gaming group that is interested in whatever game you invest in.

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First off, thanks so much for the prompt responses and all the great info...I really appreciate it!


Warlord does not have a presence in my area (Northwest Indiana, 45 minutes out of Chicago), this is definitely a 40K region. However, I don't think I'll have a problem getting my local game shop to order the rule book and figs for me (I'm sure the trusty internet will fill in nicely otherwise).


Originally, my drive for a skirmish game like this was due to having a regular gaming group and sons who are old enough to get into strategic gaming (they loved Heroscape when it first came out). So, just practicing some due diligence and researching what my options are.

Again, thanks for everything and God bless.

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