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CAV SO: Painting some terran tanks (Wolf and Tsukai)

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Hey everyone.  


Got the CAV bones kickstarter a few weeks ago and have really been itching to paint some BIG STOMPY ROBOTS.


I decided to go with a yellow and red theme for the terran vehicles and CAVs.  The original inspiration was the Imperial Fists of 40k lore, but it has evolved into a much more worn looking desert theme.    Right now I am working on some Wolf tanks and Tsukai APCs:






There are quite a few steps to them:

1) Airbrush white, then airbrush with a basecoat of 3:2 butternut yellow : nutmeg brown, AKA UTF khaki

2) Airbrush with UTF Khaki

3) Ink wash with GW's Reikland flesh shade, a nice reddish shade to get the shadows.

4) Drybrush with UTF khaki to get the mid tones back

5) Lighter drybrush with 1:1 UTF Khaki : white


Now the yellow is done and I can START on the other colors :)


The red is a craft paint burgundy, actually, with the exception of the inks, they are all cheap craft store paint.  I will edge the red bits with a 1:1:1 mix of white, burgundy and burnt orange.  I realized too late that the burgundy is a "cool red" and clashes with the warm yellows so some orange had to be added to the highlights.


The gray bits will be drybrushed with some lighter versions later on.  The red needs to be edged and the windows and lights painted still, but the yellow bits are finished.  Finally, every unit gets a white star which is the symbol of my company.  


C & C are welcome!  Would love to hear what others think.




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You know what would look good with those? Some desert checkpoint/terrain feature on a 50-100mm base. Does CAV use those? I'm more of a fantasy gamer/hobbier than a sci-fi so I would not know.


It certainly does! I have been toying with the idea of a desert table... if I only had the space...

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