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Hey everyone!


Newbie here.  I got the CAV kickstarter box a few weeks ago and have been really itching to paint something with hard lines for once (old 40k tyranid player).  I decided to start with the terrans because I bought planes, tanks, and CAVs from them so it would give me a nice wide range to get comfy with.


I decided on a theme similar to that of the imperial fists from Warhammer 40k- yellow with red accents.  As I went on, however, the scheme changed more and more until it became a much more rugged desert theme.  Take a look:




I didn't choose a very time-efficient painting method (will change that when I paint the Rach), but it does look nice.  I only use regular old craft paint, except for the inks which are GW.  The steps for those interested:



1) Mix a 3:2 mix of butternut and nutmeg brown to create the base color, which I call "UTF khaki".

2) After cleaning with soap and water, airbrush everything in a white undercoat (old habits).

3) Airbrush with UTF khaki.  The badger intro airgun is worth it's weight in gold for the priming alone.

4) Ink everything up with GW's Reikland fleshshade.  It's a nice red color and give the yellow some depth.

5) drybrush with UTF khaki to get the midtones back

6) drybrush with 1:1 UTF khaki : white to get the highlights 



1) Paint sections with burgundy.  I realized too late that this burgundy was a "cool red" and didn't sit well on its own with the khaki so I had to change up the highlighting.

2) Highlight by edging with a 1 : 1 : 1 mix of burgundy, white, and burnt orange.  This makes things a bit warmer and sits better with the khaki.

3) Paint the star freehand.  This is the 52nd terran legion and I decided to make their symbol a simple white star.



1) Start dark, drybrush lighter.




This is my first attempt at object source lighting (OSL).  I was inspired by the NOD-like Rach force paint scheme of Skrill.  Take a look at his awesome work:




So I decided to go for a bright white light which actually comes off as a light blue.  Multiple light watered down coats.  It is not perfect but it is close enough for tabletop quality and I am excited to get better at it.


C & C welcome!  Lots more will be coming in the weeks going ahead.

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