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More Bones Ghasts 77159 Caution--bloody

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The gore effects are great. Especially like the little drip. :D


Did you model the drips, too? 

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Well done!  I need to learn how to do that bloody drool and such.



The blood and gore is fairly simple:

Get something small and thin to use as the armature for your drool/blood drop (I use hair, but thread or fishing line would work just as well)

Trim to length

Superglue one end to the figure where you want it

(This is probably the hardest part) Squeeze a drop from your super glue, but don't let it leave the bottle. Run it over your armature; you want to develop a 'bead', this is your blood drop. Repeat as necessary to get the bead the size you want it.

Mix Tamiya clear red and Tamiya smoke together, once it looks like blood, you're set.

Apply the paint mix to the armature



Also, if you let the paint mix start to set up a little bit, it'll start to get a little stringy on it's own; this is how I did some of the blood on the intestines.

I haven't tried it (yet) but I would imagine that doing all of the above and using different clear paints would work quite nicely as drool/acid/pus whatever.

The next time I do this, I'll try to get some pictures and put them in my Conversion Clinic thread.


The gore effects are great. Especially like the little drip. :D


Did you model the drips, too? 

Yes, i did. See above.

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That last guy's got a hell of a grip on his handshake!

Great selection with some lovely gore. My own personal tip for the blood droplets is to glue a decent sized stand of hair and trim it to the desired length after you've attached it. Much easier than trying to glue a 5mm length of hair to a mini's mouth.

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Nicely done - wouldn't wanna bump into these guys on a dark, dark night on a dark, dark street... ;)

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