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CAV Fluff question

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I'm working on putting together a league for a local store designed to help players build their forces from a section or two up to company-sized. I've got plenty of time to plan it (I was asked to have it ready for the June-July time frame), but I want to develop something of a back story to explain why all these MERCs are all on the same planet duking it out, and the good old standby of natural resources popped up immediately.


So here's my question, what in the CAV universe is rare enough and necessary enough that multiple factions would descend on a world rich in said commodity and risk open war to obtain it?


I've pretty much ruled out petroleum and precious metals/gems, just because they're so overdone. What else is there?

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I just went with Tyberinium (for breeders T Gel) theres always a demand for that.


Figure a good location with a fair amount of each racial influence, (a little bit of everybody) and work it from there.


Political ties may prevent the greater powers from open hostilities towards each other, so they act through mercenaries and pirates. continue a war, that is considered over according to the books, but not quite really.


good chance, you'll be seeing me from time to time, and lord knows I have a back story, so theres a little help if you want it.

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Here's my two cents..


Why not one set of mercs hired as peace-keepers. Quelling civil unrest with presence patrols, running checkpoints etc. The other group was hired by the "freedom fighters/terrorists/insurgents" to overthrow the current regime the other group is propping up.

It doesn't have to be a necessarily bad regime, just one that some other group wants to see ousted. As the story progresses it goes from minor squabbles involving mostly infantry to full-on warfare between the two sides.

Might give the story some drama and angst too.


The real world is replete with mercenary stories just like that.


Just my two peso's worth.

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Ok. Now hows about we have a regime that controls Tyberinium production on a planet, and other factions are tyring to disrupt that and move in on their turf.


This could work, plus I have that JR Miniatures refinery/pipeline terrain I would like to work in.

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yeah, that'll work well.


yeah, on a grand view of the Awenasa campaign, we have the AEC trying to disrupt the United Tribes of Awenasa, not necessarily because they need it themselves, but rather because its a solid exporting of Tyberinium to Earth, being only two jumps away. You want to get a jump on your enemies, screw with their resources.


so yeah, you have an established government, key them to a specific faction, and now you can work in everyone else trying to shake things up a bit.


heck, you make your world an AEC allied regime, and I'll probably screw around with them just to be spiteful.....

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Does it have to be a resource? It's quite possible that the planet all your players are fighting over is the only and/or best jump point or lay over stop leading towards a new uncharted, potentially key part of the universe. Whoever controls this planet essentially controls the passage and can charge all the money they want for others "having" to stop there on their way through.

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Of course they have to be Mercs, after all NOBODY runs Pirates (my brother in law), and lord knows nobody runs National Forces, (My UFF), and finally people know that NOBODY runs Psyros (I don't remember who exactly but somebody was running them at Mil-Net)


But yep you are right, that is why the campaign I intend to run will HAVE none of that sillines that it has to be Mercs... only.


This is a blind spot for many people... but then again, FLUF who needs it? Seriously, there are many reasosn to fight over a piece of terrain... so the mtive for the ampaign is important, sort off kind off... after all we just finished a heck of a fun BFG campagin whose only goal, really, was to have fun. Yep tere was a background reason to fight... two sides tryng to control the sector of space, ground, what have you... but it was mostly to have fun.


Isn't this what gaming is suposed to be?


So reasons if you should need one.


High end political intrigue, give each player a different reason aka employer if they are Mercs, or national armies, have their reasons... and Psyros well they jsut want to be left alone... really...


Have a resource in the background... you can use many a system to track resource use... even come up with your own.


But at least SOMEBODY is asking the question, why am I marching out there to die?


BTW at Comicon when I do run my game... it is the Boccage... if this suonds familiar, it is WW II... MY MOTIVE, wing some history on people.

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