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Trio of reaper miniatures multi paint! Ape-X,Eye beast and clay golem!


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Hey guys back again and with three mini's this time! I have done the mighty Ape-x and the scary eye beast along with my take on the clay golem! I felt he looked like the Incredible Hulk so I did him so as always I had a blast doing these and could not wait to share them with my friends on this site! Thanks so much for your likes and comments it makes my day every time I get a like or comment! As always comments are appreciated and gratefully received!!







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Ooh, you have the drill hand version of Ape-X. I'm sorry, I mean KING Ape-X! His eye looks fierce.


Somehow, I like that he's orangutan brown instead of mountain gorilla black.


The clay golem Hulk feels like a natural choice for a lot of people. I call them Brazilian Hulks because of the speedo ^_^ . If you could find a way to add some black flock on his head, you'd have some sort of hair.

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