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Ral Partha's Ciera, Swordmistress


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Quite interesting to see scale creep at work ;). Really like the color choices for the skin and lips. The miniature looks quite suitable for a Halfling. One suggestion would be to use some darker shadows/washes to delineate surfaces/details better from each other. Will you integrate the base into a bigger one?

I probably won't add to her base.  She's a very well-balanced sculpt, not very prone to tipping despite the small base.


And I think I will leave well enough alone as regards lining.


As for the hobbit matter, she is a little larger than Reaper's modern halflings (and a gnome), I found when I pulled them out to do a comparison scale shot.


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I painted her in a thread somewhere here where I used only old Partha paints.  Also, every single one I've seen (including my own) has been a redhead. 


There's a neato similar Sandra Garrity figure in the Reaper DHL catalog, too.  02047: Samantha of the Blade.

The sad thing is I was consciously trying to make her a brunette.


Here she is with the other two Old School women I was painting at the same time.  The one on the left, another Ral Partha, is clearly a black-brunette.  The one on the right, RAFM's female ranger,  is the one I was trying to make a redhead.


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