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Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard (Bones)

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Love the color contrast between the off white and magenta (???)  What did you use?

The purpley color is P3 Sanguine base highlighted with Sanguine Highlight, highlighted again with Sanguine Highlight mixed with Mennoth White, then a bit of Mennoth white for highest highlight and then a light wash of watered down Sanguine Highlight to blend it. For the shadows I mixed Sanguine Base, Cryx Bane Base and a dab of Thagmar Black. The picture shows it slightly more pinkish than it actually is.


The offwhitish, light tannish is Hammerfell Khaki with a light wash of Bootstrap Leather. I used a more concentrated Bootstrap Leather for the shadows with the deepest shadow being Umbral Umber. I highlighted with Jack Bone, then Mennoth White Base then Mennoth White.

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Very nicely done! I like the colors used for this piece, gives a great atmosphere to it.


Are you going to do anything for basing?

Probably not. He is just for playing with. I just did a dirty grey for the broccoli as he spends most of his time in a city. If I had thought about it sooner, I would have cut off the base and put him on one of my wooden floorboard bases. At this point, I think it would be more trouble and might mess him up trying to cut him off at this point.


He looks great if that's your quick paint I am very impressed

As I said, quick for me. I probably spent 6-8 hours on him over 2 days instead of fiddling with him for a week. And thank you!

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