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I have been working on this cat all week, having a blast.

I'm not going to make this a "WORKING WIP", just figured  I would post what I am doing

when I get the chance.  As usual, the anthropomorphic figures are highly entertaining.

I continue pushing my envelope with each of these.  This one has OSL going in on face, book, hand and left shoulder.

Never thought I would be doing that actually.  Fur on this one is quite the challenge !  Don't let that angelic little face

fool you, he IS a warlock !

So here is what I have been working on !









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A little more details added, and trying to work out how high to bring the highlights, and the shoes.

Blend, blend, blend, blending !!!



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I'd punch up the values even more on the OSL and darken below where it's going to touch, really show off the light.

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i feel a bit like a calibrating machine this morning.  I've been working up and down the color values on this mini

for quite some time.  Thank goodness I use washes.  I've darkened up the shadow areas, and raised the value on the reflected light on

the Cat.  This is a slow process, but rewarding when you get that balance right.  Sometimes it just doesn't feel right to have that dark right

underneath that bright spot.  So here he is after a lot of juggling around.






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Thanks Gang;

I've just started working on basing.  I cut an 1 1/2 inch square piece of cork board, and placed a nickle over it, in my left hand.

I then took a scissors and cut all around the nickle holding the cork against it.  That fits PERFECTLY inside a 32 mm round base.

 I repeated the above nickle action to create another round to act as the base glued onto the 32mm plastic round.

I will cut out the center of the second round to create an even transition from the mini to the base.

I'll take a couple of photos tomorrow to show what I am talking about.

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Okay, here are two more photos showing where I am at in this Mini.

I have glued one cork disk to the base, and glued the mini into the base.

I have cut the second disk to allow me to hide the remnants of the broccoli base that the mini

came with.  Using a pair of nippers taking VERY small piece off the base, drilling it for pins, and

letting it dry.

Now I can finish the glue up, and create something interesting for him to stand on !

Hope that helped.





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He has a lot of character, seeing him this close, the face is stunning...love it.

Thank Xherman1964;

I found a setting on my camera that I have never used before, looks like it does a good closeup.

One of the reasons that I do WIPs is that they teach me to observe; but there is another side.

Sometimes I KNOW what I am doing, other times I know, but the material ISN'T LISTENING.  The second layer refused to play nice

with me, so I landed up using my nippers, a tweezers, and the back of a nail file to hold things in place as I mounted the cat warlock to

his base.  What looks like a piece of cake, probably tain't gonna be so.  That's experience talking !


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He's ALMOST done..but not quite where I want him to be.

More on the base, more touches of paint.

Better Photos, can't get away from the dang camera work either.

This will give you a hint where I am off to.  More to go.




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Thanks to the heavy rains, winds, thunderstorms, I had to stay indoors today.

That allowed me to finish Arthur, Grumpy Cat Warlock.

I just posted the photos in the Show Off forums.

Let me know what you think please.

Your comments and critiques are always welcome.


Here is the Show Off Link:






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