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Old School Grenadier Fighting Man from Set #1414 circa. 1990


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This is figure "b" from the old circa. 1990 Grenadier set "Fighting Men Champions" sculpted by Mark Copplestone.


It is from the moment when Citadel figures were making their way to the US, influencing American design with their big pointy feet and British cartoony feel.


I didn't have this particular figure back in the day, but I had Citadel figures that were very like him.


I suppose it's the pointy feet, but I thought of him as sort of Italian Renaissance.





post-8022-0-49781300-1465065136.jpg post-8022-0-42695100-1465065150.jpg


The original WIP is here.  I did most of the painting during the Memorial Day Weekend Paint Binge last week.

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I painted the shield flat black. Then I painted the gryphon head on it using something like a flesh pink, I glazed over it with transparent reds and roses, touched up the highlights with the pink again, and glazed with reds again. I may have done this three or four times. The eye was a cream ring with the pupil touched up a bit.


The armor I first painted flat back, then lightly with a coat of straight silver thinned down to translucency -- not quite dry-brushing, but very controlled and letting the black show through inthe crannies and make the armor look a little gungy. I am pretty sure I painted purer silver on a few highlights as well.


I think it's the black under it that makes the silver pop.

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