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Mysterious old Bob Ridolfi ninja, circa. 1990

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This figure came with a few old circa. 1990 lead minis from the Random Box O' Goodwill project.  It was signed "Ridolfi" and "90" on the bottom, but remained a mystery until I ran into Mr. Ridolfi himself:


Last mystery solved!


I talked to Bob Ridolfi about the ninja figure with his name and the probable 1990 date.


If I understand right, Ridolfi says that back in 1988 when he was just starting out sculpting he made a test batch of figures, about forty of them, and had them cast up and put in baggies and went around asking game stores if they were interested in selling them.  He identified this ninja figure as one of that group.


Ridolfi told me that about 100 of the ninjas were cast, and maybe half of them sold.  The rest were melted down.


So apparently it's a little piece of history.  I'm going to try to paint it up nicely.



My martial arts friends tell me that fighting with two sais is silly, like fighting with two shields.  Oh well.







Original WIP here.  I finished him on the Memorial Day Weekend Paint Binge.

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One can fight just fine with two sai.  One is for trapping, the other for striking.  Or deflect with both...  Or strike with both (not double damage--but one might be deflected), etc...  Now, having one sai behind your head, as your ninja friend there...that's a bit silly.

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One can fight just fine with two sai.  One is for trapping, the other for striking.  Or deflect with both...  Or strike with both (not double damage--but one might be deflected), etc...  Now, having one sai behind your head, as your ninja friend there...that's a bit silly.


I agree.


It can be done, maybe not the most regular combo, but it can work fine when skilled.


That being said, nice mini, a great find.

Well painted ( as usual)

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      Another one bites the dust….😆
      One of my favorite sculpt…but in the old Bones plastic. I put a little extra into the base, otherwise it was a pretty straight forward zen of Bones quick paint job. Overall I like the scheme and it has given me ideas for when I paint my metal version. Not sure about the green face and the blue glow under the rib cage is too subtle. 

      And as an aside …..the quality of Testors Dullcoat is not nearly as good as it was a decade ago. The newer formulation continues to give me a semi gloss finish.  Oh well. 
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      The colors are all Reaper MSP paint. I was inspired by the Cù-Sìth from the Scottish folklore for the main body. The additional heads have traditional vulture and praying mantis colors. Due to the large size of the monster, I built a 50mm wide base. I plan to create the stats for this monster and build a surprise encounter for my fellow D&D player. Let me know what you think about it.
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      The little iguana familiar will be next!
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