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Old School Grenadier Dwarf from "Dwarves, Army of the Gold Mountain", 1986


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This is the Grenadier A183, "Dwarf with Two-Handed Axe" from the Grenadier Set 1603, "Dwarves, Army of the Gold Mountain" sculpted by Andrew Chernak in 1986.


He is possibly the first male dwarf I have painted since 1986. :blush:


The red bits on his axe and armor are meant to be reflections.







Original WIP here.   I finished it last weekend over the Memorial Day Weekend paint binge.

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Nice work on him!


Why no Male Dwarves since 1986? Just couldn't find any figures that struck your fancy? :huh:

I stopped painting around 1990-ish and divested myself of my collection by 1995. None of the games I had been in were heavily into dwarves. I had many more elves, women, and monsters.


I only re-started painting a few years ago, and although I now have dwarf figures other figures have taken painting priority until now.

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