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Coincidentally I just finished these guys up myself! I did 3 of them and I also gave them glowing eyes (red, blue, & green). Great minds think alike! I glued sand to the bases of the ones I did. Your looks great and I love the eyes! (wink!)

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Thanks for all the kind words!


I like them alot!  Are you in the Saturday evening 7 CST Google Hangouts?




No, I didn't get in the hang out until late Saturday night, and then I was only on for 20 minutes before it flaked out and wouldn't let m re-join. Most of the work on these was done Thursday and Friday.


Great, what color did you use for basecoating?

On boy! I have somewhere around 10 different paint manufacturers in my collection, and some of them are quite old.


I mixed some gesso with Americana (craft paint) yellow, mostly just to ensure I got full coverage. (My gesso is white)

Then I applied Liquitex transparent raw sienna ink to darken the yellow and make 'em look old.

When that was dry, I dry brushed them with country colors (another craft paint) Off White.

I mixed some Ral Partha cleric brown with an unknown Reaper gray (it didn't have a label; I got it in the $1 paint bin last Reapercon) and applied this to the flesh.

I used Reaper Splintered Bone to pick out the bones where they showed through the wrappings.

I thinned some of the unknown Reaper gray paint to a wash, mixed it with some Army Painter soft tone, and applied that to the whole figure to make them a little darker so they'd stand out from the base.

I painted the eyes with Reaper Splintered Bone, and then applied Vallejo Game Inks Blue, Games Workshop Baal Red and Thraka Green to get the glowing effect.


I hope that helps at least a little bit.




Coincidentally I just finished these guys up myself! I did 3 of them and I also gave them glowing eyes (red, blue, & green). Great minds think alike! I glued sand to the bases of the ones I did. Your looks great and I love the eyes! (wink!)


Yup, great minds. ::): 

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