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77144 Bones Mummies

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they look appropriately mummified!   The evil green glowing eyes do show up well in pics 3 and 4!

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Very cool Undead...



I can almost hear them...**** Hhhrrrrnnn Ggghhheeeettttt Uhhnnn ooofffff myyyy Ggrrnhhhhnnn Laaawwnnnn!!!*****

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They look really great! It's nice to see these guys done! I think it was a really good idea not to boil them so they'd keep their differences and I especially love their eyes!

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Coincidentally I just finished these guys up myself! I did 3 of them and I also gave them glowing eyes (red, blue, & green). Great minds think alike! I glued sand to the bases of the ones I did. Your looks great and I love the eyes! (wink!)

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Thanks for all the kind words!


I like them alot!  Are you in the Saturday evening 7 CST Google Hangouts?




No, I didn't get in the hang out until late Saturday night, and then I was only on for 20 minutes before it flaked out and wouldn't let m re-join. Most of the work on these was done Thursday and Friday.


Great, what color did you use for basecoating?

On boy! I have somewhere around 10 different paint manufacturers in my collection, and some of them are quite old.


I mixed some gesso with Americana (craft paint) yellow, mostly just to ensure I got full coverage. (My gesso is white)

Then I applied Liquitex transparent raw sienna ink to darken the yellow and make 'em look old.

When that was dry, I dry brushed them with country colors (another craft paint) Off White.

I mixed some Ral Partha cleric brown with an unknown Reaper gray (it didn't have a label; I got it in the $1 paint bin last Reapercon) and applied this to the flesh.

I used Reaper Splintered Bone to pick out the bones where they showed through the wrappings.

I thinned some of the unknown Reaper gray paint to a wash, mixed it with some Army Painter soft tone, and applied that to the whole figure to make them a little darker so they'd stand out from the base.

I painted the eyes with Reaper Splintered Bone, and then applied Vallejo Game Inks Blue, Games Workshop Baal Red and Thraka Green to get the glowing effect.


I hope that helps at least a little bit.




Coincidentally I just finished these guys up myself! I did 3 of them and I also gave them glowing eyes (red, blue, & green). Great minds think alike! I glued sand to the bases of the ones I did. Your looks great and I love the eyes! (wink!)


Yup, great minds. ::): 

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    • By Inarah
      This is the Bones version.  I used her for an experiment with Contrast paints.  I think it worked ok, but the softer detail gave a less desired effect -- at least on the armor. I had to go over that again with an ink wash.  The red came out very bright.  Maybe I could have gone over that with ink, too, but I liked the vivid contrast. She is a vampire, after all.  I drybrushed a little silver metal for highlights on her armor, looks good in hand, but the flash caught it and it looks like white spots in the pic. 

    • By Inarah
      An experiment with metallic paint.  Not sure I like how he came out, but the players sure won't miss their perception checks for that red armor.  Chopped up his cloak a bit trying to get him on a sculpted base, and the color washed out a bit in the flash. 

    • By Aard_Rinn
      For the last few months since Reapercon, I've been focusing on pumping out minis to avoid the rut I got into last year. When I saw that Reaper had released the ghost sailors as metal figures, well... I knew what one of my October projects was going to be. I loved these guys as part of the Bones IV kickstarter, but I've not enjoyed painting plastic minis as much since getting back into metals at the Reapercon melt table, so I was psyched to order them and put in an order that night... Most of the rest I had from Reapercon, although I think I picked up Labella there too.
      Either way, these guys painted up gorgeous and easy using my go-to one-two spirit technique! As a firm believer in spooky blue ghosts, I started by priming them white, then giving them a couple layers of Irrisen Blue from the new Pathfinder paintset... My old blue standby was from the HD line and the bottle has faded to the point of illegibility, but it was almost identical. Then once it's dry, I drybrush heavily with Linen White (pure white comes out looking starched, and bluer whites don't show on the blue, but linen is perfect) and... call it a day. Decorate the bases, maybe some pizza... 's good. That said, minis painted using this technique meet my #1 requirement for ghost minis: They're distinctive on the table!
      I debated doing some OSL, but decided that it would wash the bases out, unfortunately. I like it better this way, with the bases nice and grounded, and the ghosts spooky and glowing! Lots of fun base details on these, too - 10/10 recommend picking them up if you have any sort of use for them!
      Miniatures involved (not enough tags for them all): 03965: Ghost Pirate Cook, 03966: Ghost Pirate Quartermaster, 03967: Ghost Pirate Captain, 03968: Ghost Pirate Bosun, 03969: Drowned Nymph Ghost: Banshee, 03718: Ghost Bride, 03475: Labella DeMornay, Banshee, 03170: Lurien, Ghost, 14168: Gauren, Necropolis Hero, 03799: Female Wraith

      03965: Ghost Pirate Cook

      03966: Ghost Pirate Quartermaster

      03967: Ghost Pirate Captain

      03968: Ghost Pirate Bosun

      03969: Drowned Nymph Ghost: Banshee

      03718: Ghost Bride

      03475: Labella DeMornay, Banshee

      03170: Lurien, Ghost

      14168: Gauren, Necropolis Hero

      03799: Female Wraith

      Of all of these, if I had to pick favorites... Hm... Ghost Bride and Gauren. They took the drybrushing perfectly and are super-fun figures!
    • By Inarah
      More undead for the table top, because you can never have too many. 

      These guys bring me to 56 minis painted for the year. 
    • By Chaoswolf
      Ok, here are the rules:
      1) Please don't sign up if you were there, or if you had someone get you stuff from the con. This is supposed to be for people who weren't there. No, I'm not going to check, but the gods will know, and they will visit a terrible vengeance upon you.
      2) Unlike the regular version of the BoGW that you may be familiar with, you don't need to match anything you take. All of this stuff was donated by people to allow other people to get some cool stuff. So, take whatever you want (but see below).
      3) No sharing your picks. If it works out that everyone involved gets to pick 3 figures but you only want 2, you can't pass that extra figure choice down the line to someone else. Everyone gets to have the same amount of stuff, unless someone chooses to take less. If there's stuff left over, send it back to me and it'll get folded into the next regular Box of Goodwill. (Exact number of choices will be based on the amount of people signing up)
      Most of the stuff this time around is metal and resin miniatures. There are no Bones (I did receive a few of the monthly Bones giveaway figure, but they're all the same figure, and I was probably only going to throw in a few to round out numbers if it becomes necessary, otherwise, I was going to put them in the regular BoGW). There are a few non-miniature items, such as bags, dice, etc. There are not enough of these items to go around, so if you want a bag, for example, that counts as one of your picks.
      Any other questions, please let me know.
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