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Hey everyone!


Finally got around to finishing up the final details on my terran wolf tanks.  This is my third real attempt at using OSL on these guys and I think I could have done a better job.  I just can't seem to make the light reflections "pop" on these models like I could do on the other ones.  OSL gurus, any tips for making mine look better?  Maybe having more of a gradient?  Tried for awhile to get it to look right but I am missing something.






The only thing I struggled with was where to put the star.  All the stars are going on red sections and are centered on the models, but the wolf didn't really have a good place to do that.  I originally went with stars on the back hatches, but I would have had to do 2 to get them to look right.  I am happy with having them on the main gun as you see here.


Overall, I am happy with these guys, who now get added to my budding terran force:  




I think it's coming together pretty nicely, but I'm drowning the CAVs in treads now... Simba is next!!!


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