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77269 Mudcroak, Squog Shaman (Kickstarter version)


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Catching up on my backlog for the May RPChallenge photos.... No, you don't need to remind me that it's already Mid-June, thank-you-very-much.


Not sure when it happened, but the picture in the online store shows a different weapon for his little guy.After painting him, I can see why they may have had to re-mold him. The staff he is carrying g in my Kickstarter version is made from very soft Bonesium, and I am worried that normal handling may rip that arm out of the socket where it is jones to the main body. I may need to find a way to reinforce it. But, it's a shame since the staff is SO CUTE!







After donning his "disguise"...



So, what's a tree frog doing on a sandy beach with puffer fish and sea stars, you ask?


"What? You never had to relocate to get a job?"

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I have this one with this staff and I love it! I thought (hope) the store one is wrong as it has the little triton that one of the warriors has. I would be disappointed if I got another and it wasn't this staff.


You did a great job! Love all the colors and he looks so realistic!

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