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Help finding a pregnant mini

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Okay so the lovely pregnant lady from the Heroines KS is really great, but I was wondering if anyone has seen one done on a larger scale?  I'm not even sure what is "standard" for large minis, but any suggestions are appreciated at this point since the only one I've got is teensy :-)  It's not for gaming purposes, so it doesn't matter at all that it's to scale with anything else, just that it's big enough to make at least a decent desktop decoration, as it's for a gift I hope to be able to do.

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There's a number of choices available for model railroads. A search for "O scale pregnant woman" should turn up a number of options.

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 Hmm... somewhat disturbingly, "pregnant female miniatures" turns up several pregnant zombies (and, of course, the Kingdom Death stuff)...  :wacko:


There are a number of dollhouse miniatures of varying quality that you might look into.

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