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I followed this death chicken all the way from the beginning, and I have to say that it's been a fantastic time throughout it all. All the colours work so well together, from the tangerine of the goblin to the metals on the armour to the purple of the wounds. You've really gotten even more skilled at painting, George! Can't wait to see your even bigger projects!

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very well done!   This will be one of the top runners in the contest for sure.


The only thing I might think of is when you submit the pics you might want a cohesive background so the focus is on the death chicken and his rider.

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Remarkably good work here. I think you have a better chance at a prize than you expressed last night.


Since you asked for some photo critique, here's the view of a product photographer, and I'll be moderately picky:

  • Your exposure and lighting are both solid.
  • I'd recommend using a single aspect ratio. (You can set that in the crop tool in Elements.) You can switch from landscape to portrait orientation by hitting X when the tool is active. This makes the presentation more ordered and less chaotic, allowing the judges to pay more attention to your work.
  • Try not to pinch any part of the figure or base with the cropping frame. Either show the entire figure and base or crop more aggressively. When part of the subject is barely clipped by the frame or very close to the edge of the frame, it looks like a mistake rather than a conscious choice.
  • Clean up the black surround. In some photos you have visible dust or flock. If the rules allow it, you can do this easily in post.
  • I'd try to get any stray pieces of static grass off of the black base.
  • Consider getting a black surround/table wide enough that you get a single horizontal line forming the boundary between table and backdrop. The curved back edge isn't doing you any favors.
  • The foam background works moderately well, but you might want to get a piece of gray foamcore (or similar) to get a bit less texture. In particular, the point sources caused by tiny bits of foam can be more distracting than a flat backdrop. The other side of that argument is that the variegated appearance of the foam might offer a bit of visual interest to the photo, so it's more of an artistic decision than a clear cut right way to do things.
  • With six images, consider whether you can give up one or two for a tight closeup of the best details/painting in the piece. You don't have to do wide shots for everything. Possible shot list: 3/4 left, 3/4 right, front level (because I like that view), back, two detail shots. For the 3/4 views, consider whether level or shot from a bit higher might work better (I don't know the answer, btw.)

Hope that helps.

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Thanks everyone!

You missed a spot.  :devil:


Just kidding, you did a fantastic job and I'm loving the base. Haha, the sculptor put in a rectum on the death chicken. 

It is funny, because if you look at the 2nd to last pic, the white spot between the goblin's arse and the saddle, I thought was a spot I missed!

The hangouts folks all heard lots of muted colorful euphemisms as I looked at the mini, only to discover that it is the foam background showing through.... :blink:


Doug, that is just the type of critique that I am looking for! I will do what I can, with what I have on hand, when I get home, and post new pics for consideration.

(After I get through adulting.... ::o: )



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They look great, I love the hobgoblins face especially! Who makes it?

Infamy Miniatures.

He goes by the name "Goblin Chieftain" on the Infamy website, but given his size, I think of him as a hobgoblin....



They also include #1 and "one-shot" in the name. Also, "limited edition." ^_^
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